Host a Vegan Food Party in 2019!

Want to enjoy a delicious feast of 100% plant-based foods without travelling far?   Then host our #veganfoodparty!

They’re typically the 4th Saturday of the month, and the time is flexible (usually 5-8 pm, but it can be earlier or later depending on your preference).

For folks who feel their homes are not the best for hosting, we also suggest considering Apr – Sep as they are nice months to be outdoors at a favorite park…

What’s involved with hosting:

o providing a space (at your home, community center or if the weather is nice, outdoors) and
o managing RSVPs. For the RSVPs, sometimes people just tell us to include their address in the event notice (on our website, Facebook, etc), or sometimes they ask people to RSVP to get the address. It’s up to each host how they want to manage RSVPs.

And, that generally, is about all it takes! For the seating, sometimes it’s around tables, or sometimes we’re just sitting on sofas in people’s houses. We can also cap RSVPs at a set amount, too (say 12 or 20 people, for example).

2018 calendar ( 4th Saturday Jan through Oct, 3rd Saturday in Nov )
Jan 26 – Asa (Benicia)
Feb 23 – Margaret & Adam (Vallejo)
March 23 – open
Apr 27 – may have a host – will update shortly
May 25 – Deanna (Napa)
Jun 22 – vegankids/family event???
Jul 27 –
Aug 24 – Doug & Jeanne (Vallejo)
Sep 28 – vegankids/family event???
Oct 26 – open
Nov 16 – ThanksLiving (3rd Saturday) – open

(last updated 11/26)

To volunteer, please contact us with the month you’re interested in & the time, and we’ll get back to you within a day or two!  Thanks for your support.

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