Six Flags: Send the Animals to Sanctuary

We are supporters of the Advocates of the Animals at Six Flags and their ongoing campaign to release the animals to certified sanctuaries and sea pens.  They have regular protests at the theme park, which we promote within our enews to encourage this worthy campaign.  We ask everyone to also send a short, handwritten letter to the CEO.    It can be short (“Send the animals to a sanctuary”), or it can be long.  You may use your own words, or copy ours.  The most important thing is to take action.

Using the text below, we collected 50 signed postcards at Vallejo’s Unity Day.

Jim Reid-Anderson
Chairman, President, & CEO
Six Flags Entertainment Corp.
924 Avenue J East
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Dear Mr. Reid-Anderson

I am writing about the animals at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo. Based on published information, at least 52 animals have died since Six Flags took over the park in 1997. Most of the animals, including 7 elephants, 2 orcas, 14 dolphins, 3 giraffes, and 2 walruses, have died prematurely from captivity-related causes.

Please retire all the animals to certified sanctuaries and sea pens where they can express their natural behaviors. Please replace the animal exhibits with more roller coasters and rides.

I look forward to your response about this, as I am boycotting SFDK until all the animals are safe in sanctuaries.

(your name)

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