Vegan Kids Event

We’ve been polling our members in the Napa Solano Vegans group on Facebook and whether there’s interest for a special event for families & kids, which would provide kids with a unique opportunity to socialize with their peers at an all-vegan event.

With April approaching, a (vegan) egg hunt has been proposed.   We’d like your interest and availability for an egg hunt vs an outdoor park event, with date considerations as follows

  1. Outdoor kids event, Sat Apr 14
  2. Outdoor kids event, Sat Apr 7
  3. Egg hunt, Sat Mar 31

If you’re a member of our Facebook group, Napa Solano Vegans, please vote in the poll to make it easy to record your preference.   If you’re not a Facebook user, you may leave a comment below with your preference or email us directly.

If you’d like to share your kid(s) ages and city, that’d be great to help us plan event logistics.  We also welcome your help with the organizing and implementation (and/or hosting) of this event.

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