Ordinary People, Extraordinary Compassion

Q: Why did the activists hand out the leaflets?
A: To raise awareness of factory farming and plant the seeds of a compassionate, healthy and eco-friendly plant-based lifestyle

In the month of January, leafleting at 3 schools and 1 Farmer’s Market, Alyssa, Debbie, Don, and Tammy have distributed 4,251 vegan leaflets. Our outreach continues – 3rd Saturday at the Vallejo Farmer’s Market (monthly), and various dates at Diablo Valley College, Napa Valley College, and Solano Community College.

Here are the dates for upcoming outreach.  Click on the link for more info; if you use Outlook, use the calendar icon to add to your calendar.

02/10 BAVeg College Leafleting – Diablo Valley College (Pleasant Hill) Add event to your local calendar
02/18 BAVeg College Leafleting – Solano Community College (Fairfield) Add event to your local calendar
02/21 BAVeg Outreach at Vallejo Farmer’s Market – VallejoAdd event to your local calendar
02/24 BAVeg College Leafleting – NapaAdd event to your local calendar

Compassionate Action Network

Compassionate Action Network

BAVeg volunteers are participating in Vegan Outreach’s Adopt-A-College program and FARMUSA’s Compassionate Action Network. Thank you to FARMUSA for including some of BAVeg photographs from recent outreach in their promotion of CAN.

Upper left – Darren in his vegan.com tee leafleting at the Vallejo Farmer’s Market with Todd and Tammy (2014)

Left column, 2nd photo below Darren – two students at Napa Valley College reading a booklet distributed by Debbie and Tammy at one of the monthly leafleting events at this school (2014)

Bottom row, 2nd from left – Tammy in her Animal Place tee, leafleting at Diablo Valley College with Don and Alyssa (Jan 2015)

Right column, 3rd from top – Diablo Valley College students ready to receive a leaflet from Alyssa (Jan 2015)

Original photo credit for those used in the collage: Tammy Lee and Alyssa M.

For more photos, visit the BAVeg Gallery for 2015 Outreach

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