Ultimate Guide Updates – Jan 2015

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Grand Opening week of Jan 17th

Muir’s Tea Room: Grand Opening week of Jan 17th

Veggie Grill Walnut Creek - Opening mid-January??

Veggie Grill Walnut Creek – Opening mid-January??

Safeway Vegan Chocolate Midnight Cake

Safeway Vegan Chocolate Midnight Cake

Chipotle Mexican Grill: Order Sofritas, Get a Free Burrito!

Chipotle Mexican Grill: Order Sofritas, Get a Free Burrito!

Do share if you have additional information (photographs, insider scoop, etc) on any vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the SF Bay Area!  Please contact us via our website or post to our Facebook page.  





The last we heard was mid-January for the newest VEGGIE GRILL location in Walnut Creek at 1320 Locust St.  Seems like they’re nearly there.  We hope so!!

  • Plant-Based Pizza (San Jose) is giving PreetiRang Sanctuary 15% of proceeds for the entire month of January.  So, stop in any day in January from 2-5pm and help PreetiRang.
  • Veggie Grill is holding benefits for Vegan Outreach on Jan 11th and PreetiRang Sanctuary on Jan 18th
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill is offering a free burrito if you buy a (vegan) tofu sofritas.  Here’s the deal, purchase the sofritas on January 26th, then claim your free burrito between Jan 27th and Feb 28th.
  • Plum Cafe (Sacramento) has been renamed to Garden to Grill, no other changes.
  • Safeway debuted a Vegan Chocolate Midnight Cake as a $5 Friday special on December 12th.  Now carried as a regular item in their bakery department.  8″ of deliciousness for $8.99.  We see it regularly at the American Canyon Safeway store, and others have reported buying it throughout California (and at other Safeway affiliates).  If you want to receive breaking news like $5 vegan cake (we announced it the Tuesday before the Friday sale), join our SFBAVeg mailing list or get our notifications via Facebook.


The vegan Japanese restaurant Saina in Concord closed last month without much fanfare.  It seemed like this fate was inevitable when you’d want to tell someone about this quaint vegan restaurant but also have to add the disclaimer that they can be unexpectedly closed and to call first.


Other businesses we’ve got our eye on include a novel vegan deli in Berkeley, The Butcher’s Son.  As we described it in the Ultimate Guide, it’s “an old New York- style butcher shop/ deli with donuts and pastries, bagels and upmarket espresso coffee in the mornings, with sausages made from vital wheat gluten, everything plant-based, with the cheeses made mainly made from coconut and cashew.”

Other businesses we’re waiting to open in 2015:

Credit:  Photos: Don D for Veggie Grill, Mila B for Muir’s Tea Shop, Bruce Friedrich for Chipotle flyer; Compiled by: Tammy Lee

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