Looking for Support in Healthy Veg Lifestyle?

One of the goals of Bay Area Vegetarians is to support and connect the veg*n community, as plant-eaters are still a minority.  Sometimes it can range from irritating to frustrating to daunting or even overwhelming to live in a flesh-eating world, particularly for those who are new to veg*nism or new to the area.  Note: veg*n is shorthand for both vegan and vegetarian

With that in mind, we became an instant supporter of Lew’s idea to start a support group in our area.  (More info about Lew and his interest in this topic below)  We have some ideas about this, and would love to get your input about this, too.

Feedback Needed

You may comment directly on this blog post or reach us via our website.  Please share if:

1 – you think this is a great idea and needed this to start yesterday

2 – you like the idea and may participate

3 – you wouldn’t participate but think it’s a great idea and have friends who would find this useful

 You’re also welcome to include whether you’re a current or aspiring vegan or vegetarian, and elaborate further if there’s particular areas that you feel would be helpful to emphasize or include within this group.  Feedback or additional suggestions no later than Thu, January 15, 2015 will be most useful.

Here’s the details:

Objective: support and connect individuals consuming a whole foods, plant-strong diet


  • individuals new to veg*nism
  • aspiring veg*ns
  • experienced veg*ns wanting to eat healthier
  • former veg*ns seeking to return to veg*nism, etc.

Group discussion items may include

  • sharing knowledge on foods, recipes, healthy cooking methods
  • issues in transitioning and maintaining a healthy veg diet
  • nutrition questions
  • social issues encountered because of the healthy veg diet
  • book readings & related discussions
  • movie screenings & related discussions
  • raising awareness of animal rights and environmental benefits of the healthy veg diet


Meeting Location:  Vallejo area

We would structure the support group to have in-person meetings as well as opportunities to connect online.  Lew has volunteered to be an organizer for this group.

About Lew

Lewis Withrow started researching nutrition in 2001 when, after many years of the wrong diet, he became quite overweight. Today he is 65 pounds lighter and has no trouble maintaining weight, eating all the proper foods that he wants. At 66 years old, Lew either runs or plays tennis daily, and feels he is in the best health of his life. He has a Certificate of Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, completed a Cancer Project (sponsored by PCRM) cooking course and has attended a McDougall Advanced Study Weekend.  Lew has also taught a ‘not for credit’ nutrition course at Solano Community College.  His recommended diet is plant-based, whole foods, avoiding all meat, fish, dairy, and minimizing oils, processed sugars and foods.


Note:  This group is not intended to be a forum for debate about animal rights or veganism, but an opportunity for support for those who have already chosen or desire to transition to a healthy veg*n lifestyle.

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  1. Jeffrey Rhine says:

    I like the Idea of a support group, and I would attend when my schedule allows, I work some weekends, I’ve been vegan off and on for years. I know the health benefits of a Vegan life style, but I get no support from family and co workers. Just looking for some vegans for ideas and support to stay the vegan path.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your feedback Jeffrey! We will be in touch with more info as the program develops.

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