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College Sound Bites and Turkeys

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Compared to the rush of leafleting during the opening week of the Fall semester, it was a quiet day on Tues, Sept 23rd at Solano Community College

Thoughtful reader, outreach selfie, and the turkeys

Thoughtful reader, outreach selfie, and the turkeys

Me: “Information to help animals?”
Woman: “What is this about?”

Me: “It’s information to help animals.”
Woman – takes flyer

Woman: “Is this about not eating them?”

Me: “Yes”
Woman: “I eat meat” and gives flyer back

That was an atypical reaction, and from someone who was most likely a faculty or staff member.  Most individuals that were approached, particularly the students, welcomed and thanked us for the information.

It’s always great when we see students halt in their tracks and read the leaflet right after receiving it.  In total, 274 Vegan Outreach booklets were distributed that day .  But it’s not just the numbers that matter.  What made the day even more meaningful were those who paused on their way to class to chat briefly, including:

– Michelle, a young woman who is an aspiring vegan and was thrilled to receive a booklet (and hopes people are reading the literature)

– Joe, visiting the campus who was genuinely surprised by the info even though he has relatives (sister, cousin) who are veg

– Mat, Joe’s friend. who is a chef at Hilton Hotel in Sacramento and we chatted about what vegan options they have, including faux meats and cheeses

– Pam, a professor who declined a pamphlet but shared she taught Environmental Studies.  So I mentioned the big climate change rally that recently happened, and she said that was one of 4 possible topics she was going to propose to her class they talk about today. I suggested she frame it in a manner of what each of them could do as individuals in their daily lives to impact the issue, as too often these problems seem so intangible. She embraced the suggestion and said she’d do it.  I wonder how that discussion went.

– Joe, a vegan student who wants to leaflet (happily gave him my info)

– Wanda, a student who received a leaflet last month and started making changes, such as choosing meatless on alternating days

And one of the last exchanges that I had — a woman rushing into a building declined a pamphlet but offered instead “I’m vegan” and “I need to go teach my class now”

We love meeting other vegans. But we’re even happier to meet more folks like a young woman who was quite frank with me — she wants to be veg but her mom is reluctant. I encouraged her to research more information to allay her mom’s fears, and I gave her my contact info. I hope she writes me; there’s some solid information available supporting a plant-strong diet.

It was also great to see 6 young turkeys and 1 squirrel enjoying the beautiful lawn on the campus.

Join us!
Colleges are being leafleted around the nation, and abroad.  Our next college leafleting planned is Tuesday, Sept 30th at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill (event link).  We’ll return next to Solano Community College on Wednesday, Oct 22nd (see the BAVeg Event calendar to confirm date and time).

Whether you have an extra 30 minutes or 2 hours, your help would be most appreciated.  No previous experience is necessary, just the ability to smile, hold a leaflet, and say “Hello”.

Read more about college leafleting at Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College website.

Adopt a College (AAC) is a program in which animal advocates hand out vegetarian pamphlets to students. AAC reaches hundreds of thousands of students who would not approach a literature table. We also leaflet high schools, concerts, or anywhere young adults can be found. Most of our leafleters are not students.

Native Foods founder consulting with SF Brew Pub

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

SF brew pub Citizen Fox now has a consulting chef on board, Tanya Petrovna, founder of Native Foods.

Per a comment on the Citizen Fox Facebook page, all fare will be vegan.  Hooray!

Citizen Fox is planned to open in 2015.

Ultimate Guide link to Citizen Fox

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