Double your Donation for Meat-Eaters to try Veg Food

Please join Bay Area Vegetarians for the first annual Oakland Veg Week!

Oakland Veg Week is a week-long celebration (April 15-21, 2012) that invites meat-eaters to pledge to be vegetarian for one week. It’s a positive, upbeat event where everyone wins: Meat-eaters who want a little help with their veg experiment, local restaurants who want more customers, the City of Oakland (who, let’s face it, could use some happy press!), and most importantly, the animals who would really, really, really like to see more vegetarians!

Bay Area Vegetarians is going to match every donation made for OVW12 up to $500.00. For real! That means a possible total of $1,000 to buy more vegan food to give to meat-eaters…if you can help us out. Your $50 donation is actually $100 with this match, and it’s tax-deductible! Oakland Veg Week is all volunteer, all free, and all awesome. With your support, OVW can reach more meat-eaters with the veg information and samples.

Please consider donating today to help create more vegetarians!
Bay Area Vegetarians, OVW, P.O. Box 700, Vallejo, CA 94590 credit card also accepted

What we like most about Oakland Veg Week … let us know what you like about OVW in the comments.

10. Eating out!
We love restaurants. Lots of Oakland restaurants have signed up to offer special vegan options for OVW12, and we want to make sure they feel the love from the community. If a meat restaurant gets a positive response, they’ll offer more (and better) veg options. So call your best buddies and make some dinner plans ASAP!

9. OVW12 is an all-volunteer, all-local event.
Five hard-working Oaklanders are spending their evening and weekend hours calling local restaurants, putting up fliers all over town, organizing cool events, and working with the city to promote it. They all have day jobs and they’re dipping into their own pockets to cover expenses. So your dollars will stay right here in the Bay Area!

8. The OVW12 organizers said we could watch this video every single day if we supported their work. Works for us.

7. OVW12 is *totally free* for meat-eaters who take the pledge!
Free recipes every day, free movie screenings, free food samples, free cooking classes, free talks by veg experts. We like how accessible that makes it for meat-eaters. The organizers can’t raise funds from tickets to cover their expenses (like space rental fees), but we can help by donating!

6. OVW12 is geared towards meat-eaters.
We love our veg community, but this is about about reaching new people. OVW12 has been marketed to the City of Oakland; the County of Alameda; Rockridge, Glenview and Montclair communities; Oakland School District and Oakland-based colleges and universities, Oakland churches and more.

5. You don’t have to be local.
Sure, locals can attend the free events and enjoy the local restaurants. But anyone can take the veg pledge and still get the free recipes and email support! Way to be inclusive, OVW12! So no matter where you live, please share the Oakland Veg Week pledge page with all the meat-eaters you know.

4. There’s a party at the end!
They’ll have free prizes, free goody bags, yummy food, and even gift certificates from totally awesome restaurants like this!

3. Our very own local rock band, Tremor Low, will be performing live for Oakland Veg Week…with No No Burger there handing out free burger samples! Top that.

2. We think Jack Norris and Nathan Runkle are both seriously awesome. It’s like Superman and Batman both coming to your hometown at once.

1. And the #1 super most important reason to support OVW: The animals.

According to the awesome blog Counting Animals, a vegetarian saves at least one animal a day! Every time we eat, we can decide to contribute to animal suffering or to eat a healthy, humane meal. Many of you reading this blog have already chosen to eat humanely. Now is your chance to help others make the same choice. The animals are counting on YOU to spread the word, and the volunteers behind Oakland Veg Week have made it easy for you! Read more about farm animal welfare on Vegan Outreach’s website.
Please consider getting involved with this powerful–and fun–week. If you donate to help cover costs and we’ll match it. You can also spread the word about OVW12 to your non-veg friends, and of course, take those same friends out to eat at a participating OVW12 restaurant.

Thank you and Happy Oakland Veg Week!

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