Pride Parade – Our Veg Wishlist

Alex and 16 foot flatbed truck

Alex and 16 foot flatbed truck

Veg volunteers and supporters from around the Bay Area and beyond are marching with Bay Area Vegetarians in the approaching San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday, June 28th.

“Lettuce Lady”, nurses, cows, chickens and other costumed, compassionate¬† leafleters will be distributing free recipes and vegetarian information.¬† To hold the literature needed, we’ve got our very own 16 foot flatbed truck.

Here’s where the wishlist comes in:

1) Place to park the truck on Saturday night
2) Volunteers to help decorate the truck (either Saturday evening or early Sunday morning)
3) Any sound techies who can help with music sound system

Here’s where you come in – email Alex B if you can help!

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