Souley Vegan (Oakland) closed

Souley Vegan, which closed last September and planned to re-open by end of October after remodelling, has announced its restaurant serving vegan soul food will not be reopening at its current location due to the need for costly structural repairs which the business owners are unable to afford.  Still available for catering and at Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market.  No current date for expected new site opening if and when one is found.

Thanks to Bob for the update.

Ultimate Guide: Souley Vegan

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  1. Josh says:

    How do you reach them for catering?

  2. Larry-bob says:

    I ate at Soley Vegan’s booth at the “Farmer’s Market” on the ground floor of the Metreon today. They said that they’re opening a restaurant at Jack London Square next week. Looks like is the way to contact them.

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