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Lettus Cafe is now The Plant Cafe

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Lettus Cafe, located on Steiner St in the Marina, is now know as The Plant Cafe, same location, same menu. Just a different name.

322 E. Santa Clara St, San Jose

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Global Vegetarian Bistro has closed.  A new restaurant (new ownership) has opened in its place, the Dandelion Vegetarian Cafe serving vegetarian and vegan Asian food.  Thanks to Andy and Shalabh for the update.

Dandelion Vegetarian Cafe is the third successive vegetarian restaurant opening in this location since Good Karma moved to First Street.

Dandelion Vegetarian Cafe: read it, rate it, review it

Veg Openings in Dublin, Healdsburg

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Two new veg restaurant openings to report:

Royal Indian Cuisine – Dublin

Welcome to the first vegetarian restaurant in Dublin, especially notable since they switched from being a mixed restaurant.  Check ’em out.

Cafe Gratitude – Healdsburg

Cafe Gratitude continues to expand, adding a location in the “Olive Leaf” in Healdsburg, to its family of locations in San Francisco, San Rafael and Berkeley.

Veganauts Mission Leaders

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Join Veganauts to explore, celebrate and share vegan food with new and old friends at vegetarian restaurants throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.   Hosts are needed for the 2009 mission series.  As you can see from the 2008 schedule below, we like to travel to different parts of the Bay Area, with different types of food.

So, Indian, Asian, raw, East Bay, South Bay, SF, etc — pick your favorite and let me know when you’d like to host!  Eating out at Asian style restaurants is particularly fun because it means getting to try a wider variety of dishes than just eating out on your own.

Expedition 200802 : Leap Year Mission : Golden Buddha, SF
Expedition 200803 : Mission to Cafe Soulstice: San Mateo
Expedition 200804 : Mission to Souley Vegan: Oakland
Expedition 200805 : Mission to Udupi Palace : Sunnyvale
Expedition 200806 : Mission to Ital Calabash, Berkeley
Expedition 200807 : Mission to Manzanita, Oakland
Expedition 200808 : Mission to Cafe Gratitude: SF
Expedition 200809 : Mission to the New World: Oakland
Expedition 200810 : Mission to Planet Herbivore: San Francisco
Expedition 200811 : Mission to Fragrance Land : Cupertino

Responsibilities as an organizer:  Pick restaurant, date/time and coordinate that with me (it can be weekday evening, weekend — make it work for your schedule); send announcement to the SFBAVeg list.  Track RSVPs, reserve space at restaurant, greet guests as they arrive, and enjoy good food & fellowship over a delicious vegan meal!

We are fortunate to live in a geographic area that provides a variety of vegan flora throughout the Bay Area, so let’s take advantage of it and start planning our 2009 missions!

Veganauts was started in 2006 by Tammy & Chris, BAVeg co-founders, and they continue to lead vegan missions alongside guest mission commanders.

Veganauts is the perfect opportunity to host on an occasional basis while supporting BAVeg and your local vegetarian community.

To submit a Mission proposal, please email Tammy directly

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