A+ leafleting this past Wednesday

Vegetarian Starter KitTammy and I tried a new tactic this month.  Instead of a busy Saturday location or a busy college, we went to downtown San Francisco and leafleted commuters as they entered the BART stations.  Tammy and I handed out PETA Vegetarian Starter Kits and Jack handed out Vegan Outreach’s Compassionate Choices.  We gave out just under 600 in one hour!

I was surprised at the high acceptance rate.  Perhaps it was all the TV ads and editorials for YES ON PROP 2, maybe it was the new location, maybe it was our fabulous outfits.  It probably wasn’t our fabulous outfits.

Whatever the reason:  It was great!  It’s so fun to have one person take a flier, and then the next 20 people in line want one as well.  It’s a good feeling to see people waiting for their train or bus and reading about slaughterhouses.  You know they’re never going to be the same again!

This time I had 6 different people (4 men and 2 women) walk by me and refuse a VSK.  They went on down the stairs into BART.  2 minutes later they came back up because they had thought about it, changed their mind, and now wanted a flier!

Compassionate Choices

We leafleted for an easy hour, lots of positive interactions, and then went to reward ourselves with a great vegan dinner.

If your schedule allows you to leaflet downtown on a weeknight, let us know.  We’re going to do it again next month.  You can’t really say that you “can’t leaflet” or you “don’t like leafleting” until you’ve tried it once!

Thank you to:
Tammy for organizing.
Anabela for stamping the lit.
Jack for driving and leafleting.
Chris for helping us all walk in the right direction.

 — Alex

This brings the BAVeg leafleting total to 24,248 veg guides.

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