Carol and The Chicken Man Protest KFC

Carol organizes the monthly KFC Cruelty Protest in San Jose.  She shares how this started. KFC Cruelty Protest

“After receiving disturbing information from PETA, during March 2003, about how cruelly KFC treated the chickens they serve, I decided to arrange a protest–my first! Only one person showed up! It was Mike Borg.

We were both inexperienced activists and very nervous, but our compassion for these chickens and our outrage that KFC refused to make changes recommended by PETA after several years of negotiations, shaped our decision to have protests every month. This coincided with PETA’s, “First Weekend of the Month” protest campaign in the US and other countries. KFC Cruelty Protest

Gradually, other volunteers joined Mike and me. We are now a solid core of about six people. Mike, who we affectionately refer to as “The Chicken Man”, wears a chicken costume at each protest and laboriously walks around the intersection of North Bascom and Naglee, aided by a crutch and carrying a sign he created that reads, “Honk if you hate Animal Abuse.”This results in a lot of loud support!

There is not a “typical protest”; each is different, but always peaceful, high energy, and exciting. The number of people who show up can range from five or six to twenty. Our group does an incredible job passing out huge amounts of leaflets that inform the public why they should boycott KFC. KFC Cruelty Protest

Along with achieving activist skills over the years, we are now continually amazed by how the once mostly negative feed back received from the public has done a near about-face. A large percentage of people who pass by demonstrate support for the humane treatment of chickens and all animals. They give us thumbs up from their cars, and yell encouragement. People have stopped to thank us, or ask for a leaflet. We’d like to think this change was brought about solely by our efforts–and I’m sure it has had a significant influence; however, as a society, we are becoming increasingly concerned about how food animals are treated.

If KFC continues to stubbornly ignore recommended changes by PETA, the growing awareness and outrage of the times, coupled with continued animal rights activism will undoubtedly lead to less suffering going into a KFC bucket.”

Please join other caring and compassionate people around the world by taking action to help animals.

– Support ongoing KFC cruelty protests: 1st Saturday in San Jose, 3rd Sunday in San Francisco.  For November only, the San Jose protest is Saturday, November 8th, followed by the San Francisco protest on Sunday, Nov 9th.  See event calendar for details

– Visit and learn more ways to help

– Organize a protest at your local KFC

– Eat Vegan!

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  1. Melynda says:

    Great story! We continually protested a KFC here in Portland OR , and after awhile the place was closed down. Keep up the great work!

  2. Mike Sage says:

    This monthly protest is such a great event! It makes me feel good to know that this is helping people to consider the consequences of their food choices and to move in the direction of compassion. And the other participants are such really good people. Thank you so much, Carol, for everything you do! And also to Mike Borg, Sharon, Bill, Katherine, and to others who attend regularly or occasionally.

  3. BAVeg says:

    Hi Melynda and Mike, thank you both for supporting KFC Cruelty protests!


  4. Larissa says:

    We passed prop 2, but 2015? Really? I don’t get how people can watch horror movies and forensic TV shows and not connect it. Always happy to see the cruelest (fast food) protested. Thanks so much for your tenacity SJ KFC protesters-Carol, your gumption is laudable!

  5. BAVeg says:

    Thanks Larissa! Hopefully you can join us sometime for outreach, there are regular KFC protests and veg outreach leafleting happening every month. Details are on the event calendar –


  6. Caroline says:

    I want to go to the next one!

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