Loving Hut (Palo Alto, SF)

Loving Hut, which describes itself as international fast food, opened its first Bay Area restaurant in Milpitas in July. They held their Grand Opening for the second restaurant opening in Palo Alto on Saturday, October 4th, and the Grand Opening for its 3rd location in San Francisco’s Chinatown is next weekend, Saturday October 11th.  The activities include a lion dance at 11 a.m.

Once Loving Hut opens its SF location, it will join Lucky Creation as the second vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown.


  1. Vegan_noodle says:

    Checked out Palo Alto’s Loving Hut last night for dinner. Their menu was completely different from what was online (much smaller selection). The food was decent, but the cake was literally inedible.

  2. bav says:

    Was this the Black China cake or the cheesecake? For Black China (which I’ve purchased direct from the Bakery and at numerous venues) .. when it’s fresh, it’s really good. But if the retailer is letting it set (i.e.there’s not enough people buying it, so there’s no turnover of fresh product), then yeah, it gets dry/tasteless. 🙁 I hope you let them know.

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