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mexican-hot-cocoa.jpgWe remain convinced that the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the best places to live as a vegan.  Come Hither Cupcakes is proof of that.

Come Hither Cupcakes is a new all-vegan catering company started by Andrea and Sue.  They confess that profound cupcake envy was their inspiration to starting this new business. Sue shared their background. “We started Come Hither Cupcakes a couple of months ago while we were working at an eco-friendly start-up–Ecofabulous. Andrea was a writer and I was the managing editor. Both of us had recently lived in New York (Andrea went to college there, and I grew up and also went to college/law school in New York). There were a number of excellent vegan cupcake companies in NY, including Babycakes. As vegans, we lamented the fact that there weren’t any really tasty vegan cupcakes made in San Fran, of all places. Andrea then brought in vegan cupcakes to work a couple of times, and that led us to decide that we wanted to bring vegan cupcakes to the Bay area. We’ve since improvised and improved on our recipes and flavors to make them entirely our own. They are all completely unique from anything else out there.”

When we talked with Come Hither Cupcakes last month, they had 7 flavors, which are already being sold locally at locations in Kentfield, Mill Valley, San Anselmo, and San Francisco. Or, with a minimum order of 2-3 dozen, you can get them delivered to your Bay area doorstop with no travel fee.

We were anxiously awaiting the home delivery of our vegan cupcakes. And it was worth the wait. The cupcakes were moist, delicately flavored, and absolutely scrummy (scrumptious and yummy). Each one was beautifully decorated with frosting and candies. The frosting was definitely the favorite part of the cupcake for both Chris and myself. It was just the right amount, and matched the flavor of the cake.

The Minty Mojito and Lemon Drop were instant hits. The Chai was the most unusual of the ones we tried. Interestingly, with each tasting, the complexity of this flavor grew on us until it was one of our favorites. We also enjoyed the Mexican Hot Chocolate and Strawberry Daquiri. I know, that’s only five. There’s two more flavors we haven’t tried.

When we asked Sue if there were other vegan dessert forms in CHC’s future, she replied “We might make mini-cupcakes or cakes in the future, but there are some excellent vegan cookie-bakers in the area, so we want to offer something different and special. Also, we LOVE cupcakes.”

With a tagline of “The naughty indulgence that’s secretly good”, Come Hither Cupcakes delivers on that promise .. at 250 calories per cupcake.

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-Reviewed by Tammy & Chris, co-founders of Bay Area Vegetarians and editors of the Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the SF Bay Area.


  1. Alex Felsinger says:

    “As vegans, we lamented the fact that there weren’t any really tasty vegan cupcakes made in San Fran, of all places.”

    I have to mention that this is sorely inaccurate.

    Sugar Beat Sweets ( has been around for at least 6 months, and their cupcakes are available in many locations across San Francisco, including Rainbow Grocery(!!!), Other Avenues, Mojo Cafe, and Ike’s Place.

    I have tried Come Hither’s cupcakes as well, and while they were tasty, they did not compare to Sugar Beat Sweets’ cupcakes and other treats.

    This is not to mention that Sugar Beat uses 100% organic and local ingredients and is based in San Francisco. The owner even buys all the produce at the farmer’s market, apparently.

    As an SF-based company, they’ve made an effort to have a role in the San Francisco veg community, which to me is more important than anything. I even saw Sugar Beat Sweets at SF Veg fest TODAY!

    The more vegan businesses the better, but to say that Come Hither is the “first” of its kind or that it is filling some vegan void in San Francisco is simply wrong.

  2. BAVeg says:

    Sugar Beet Sweets is also listed in the Ultimate Guide, which allows user reviews & ratings.

  3. sue says:

    We searched high and low for vegan cupcakes and only found Black China in Whole Foods. They are beautiful, but we wanted to create something lighter and more naturally flavorful. We only recently stumbled upon Sugar Beet Sweets, which we like quite a bit. Of course, we happen to prefer our own delectably unique cupcakes! We are deeply committed to supporting local, sustainable causes and organic farming. Though only two months old, we participated in Stop the Spray and West Coast Green. Our sincere apologies for slighting our vegan sister. Ironically, we are delighted we didn’t discover SBS sooner or we might never have started our own cupcake company.

  4. Alex Felsinger says:

    What day were you at West Coast Green? I must have missed ya, unfortunately…
    the food blew on Friday. Ended up just walking to Good Karma.

  5. sue says:

    Hi Alex, we brought our signature Ecofab Mojito cupcakes to ecofabulous! That’s where Andrea and I met, so we remain part of the family! It was an absolutely amazing exhibition and we especially loved the sustainable house they built. I left hungry too, however.

  6. PRG says:

    My girlfriend is a vegan and has been trying to get me to make the switch for a very long time. As a guy whose diet pretty much consists of chicken and cheese, I find the mere thought impossible. Still, because I love her, I humor her by “just taking one bite” of the kinds of things she eats on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I’m always met with disappointment. To me, most things that are vegan lack any real flavor, that is until now. The other day she brought home one of these Come Hither Cupcakes from It Takes the Cake, and I’m telling you right now, I could not have been more impressed. For the first time, I found myself admitting that I not only liked something that was vegan, but that I loved it. These cupcakes are like a piece of heaven in your mouth. I might go so far as to say my new favorite dessert. Vegan or not, anyone would love these little cups of goodness, and I fully recommend them.

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