Leaflets of Change

On the last day of summer, Alex, Mila, Venu, and Tammy distributed Vegetarian Starter Guides to 400 of the smartest and forward-thinking members of the public in San Francisco during regular street leafleting.

Earlier in the month, Nora led a successful leafleting crew at the Power to the Peaceful concert in Golden Gate Park.  With fellow volunteers Anjee, Rachelle, Donna, Pat, Eileen, Nadine, Christine, Beth, and Christine & Beth’s friend, 7 boxes of Vegan Outreach materials (5 boxes of Even If You Like Meat and 2 boxes of Try Vegetarian) or 2100 leaflets were distributed.

Sara J, who hosts the monthly East Bay Letter Writing activity, organized an information booth at the Solano Stroll in Berkeley/Alameda.  Working with Katie G, Ron, Kat, Michal, Andrew, Paul and Antonia (Sara’s sister who came up from LA mostly to help table!!) ,  Sara reports “There were lots of people (as usual), the weather was very nice, and we handed out lots of literature.”

Dyanna and Tammy went back to school and  leafleted in the Adopt a College program,  distributing 100 Why Vegans and 50 Even If You Like Meat booklets.

Adding the 785 Vegetarian Starter Guides handed out in August at regular SF street leafleting by Abel, Alex, Jack and Tammy, that brings the total # of pamphlets distributed by leafleting to 23,452.

Have a Heart, join us for our next Veg Leafleting in October!  Details to follow …

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