Bok Choy Garden (SF) Closing

Bok Choy Garden, a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in San Francisco’s Richmond district, is closing on Thursday, July 31st.  Thanks to Michael for the update.

Interestingly, Bok Choy Garden is one of the older vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco. It changed ownership in November 2006.  Shortly after this, Layonna’s, also a Chinese Vegetarian restaurant, opened directly across the street.   Layonna’s closed in November 2007.  Now, eight months later, farewell to Bok Choy Garden.

Ultimate Guide information – Bok Choy Garden


  1. Greg K says:

    I just called Bok Choy Garden today — Wednesday, July 30 — and they are still open. Unless it’s under new ownership/management, could this be an erroneous posting?

  2. BAVeg says:

    Argh. We had a typo in our original post, that should have read July 31st, so yes, they were still open on July 30th.

  3. jean says:

    Are there any other restaurants that are vegetarian like Bok Choy in SF, Marin, East Bay? How about vegie restaurants in general?

  4. BAVeg says:

    There are about a 100 vegetarian restaurants in the Bay Area. Best is if you look in the Ultimate Guide, which is an online, searchable database

    Ultimate Guide

    Default search is by name/keyword, but if you select by “city/address” search, you could put in your home or work address and search radius and it will show you all the veg*n food choices within your specified search radius.

    You’re also welcome to review the list to see if there are important additions.

  5. I’m sorry to see Bok Choy Garden has closed. It was the first vegan restaurant I ate at in SF, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.

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