Top Ten Reasons to Leaflet

10. Ignore everything your mother said – talk to strangers

9.  Practice your best pick up lines

8. Get free Vitamin D

7. Impress Alex so she’ll give you a reference for a job at PETA

6. Meet others who want to make a difference in the world

5. Give people life-saving information

 4. Turn your good intentions into action

3. Get out of the house and away from the computer

2. Converting a meat-eater to veg*nism is cheaper than giving birth to one

1. There’s always vegan food afterwards.*

*The monthly Have a Heart, Go Veg Leafleting event combines roughly 90 minutes of leafleting followed by an opportunity to socialize over vegan dining.Mark your calendars, the next event is  approaching soon!  No experience is necessary, just a smile and willingness to help animals.  RSVP now to reserve a space.  

What: Have a Heart, Go Veg Leafleting & Lunch
Where: SF (cable car turnaround at Powell/Market, easy BART/Muni access)
When: 7/27/08 Sunday, 12:00 pm
RSVP:  Tammy [ ]

Full Details: 

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