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Bok Choy Garden (SF) Closing

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Bok Choy Garden, a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in San Francisco’s Richmond district, is closing on Thursday, July 31st.  Thanks to Michael for the update.

Interestingly, Bok Choy Garden is one of the older vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco. It changed ownership in November 2006.  Shortly after this, Layonna’s, also a Chinese Vegetarian restaurant, opened directly across the street.   Layonna’s closed in November 2007.  Now, eight months later, farewell to Bok Choy Garden.

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Millennium (SF) update

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

An update from Millennium (7/19 via mailing list)

Convert A Carnivore: Now twice a week instead of monthly.  25% discount when dining with a carnivore.

Millennium is no long serving bottled water for environmental reasons.  Instead, they are offering filtered water.  “A charge of *$1/per seated guests affords an endless supply of fresh carbon & UV filtered water served chilled, room temperature or sparkling.” and “*This dollar ensures regular visits from the H2O Technicians of Natura, the highest quality of carbon filter changes & UV light bulb maintenance.  Regular tap water will not longer be available.”  (Highlighting added)

I wonder if you can take home your leftover water  ..  waiter, can you please fill up my 5 gallon jug …

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Veg Pride = 100K Animals Saved!

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

SF Pride 2008
Photo by: The Chronicle

It didn’t matter if whether you dressed for leafleting in kale leaves or rainbow socks, or merely let your compassion compel you into action, SF Pride was again a landmark event to reach open-minded, progressive individuals with our vegan message.

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Top Ten Reasons to Leaflet

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

10. Ignore everything your mother said – talk to strangers

9.  Practice your best pick up lines

8. Get free Vitamin D

7. Impress Alex so she’ll give you a reference for a job at PETA

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Tofu Yu (Berkeley)

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

The East Bay gains another new vegetarian restaurant with Tofu Yu.  Tofu Yu’s goal is to introduce international vegetarian tofu food to the East Bay and San Francisco Bay Area communities has opened in Berkeley, and plans to open a 2nd location in the next few weeks in El Cerrito.

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Thanks to Sara for this update.

Recipe for a fun 4th of July

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Sand-n-Surf Vegan Food Party 2008

The Sand-n-Surf 4th of July VFP at Montara State Beach has been an annual event since 2002.

BAVeg friends & guests at Sand-n-Surf picnic, Montara State Beach
What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a picnic at the beach.  We officially started at 1 pm (although some of us met earlier to setup).  It was a deceptively overcast at the beach.  The fog layer actually kept the heat in, giving us a muggy, sauna-like atmosphere, close to 80 degrees!  Thankfully, later in the afternoon a cool breeze developed, and kept us comfortable until the beach picnic ended after 5 pm.

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Usual Suspects Cafe (SF) update

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

For anyone planning to dine at the Usual Suspects Cafe, due to staff changes, please call ahead to confirm they are open. We know how disappointing it is to make a special trip to a new restaurant and find them closed, etc.
Now serving vegan Russian homestyle foods.

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Thanks to Warren for the update.

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