Udupi Palace opens in SF

Udupi Palace, a vegetarian Indian restaurant with locations in Berkeley, Newark, and Sunnyvale, and other cities outside the Bay Area, has opened this week in the Mission District in SF.  (Happily, that is not a typo!)  It has long been a lament in the vegetarian community about the dearth of vegetarian Indian restaurants in SF while they abound in the South Bay. This is great news for all those folks.

Udupi joins the original Herbivore, Cha Ya, and Cafe Gratitude as the 4th vegetarian restaurant in the Mission.

Udupi Palace – Ultimate Guide: read it, rate it, review it!

Thanks to Winnie for the update.


  1. Carole Gardner says:

    Udipi is a well known name of a place in Karnataka state of India. I felt happy as the number of veg restaurants has gone to 4. I wish Udipi Palace will have a great success…

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