$2,299 for Animal Place!

For some, it was just another lovely June evening in Berkeley.  For the standing room only crowd gathered at the D. King Gallery on June 17th, it was much more.  Animal Place, an animal sanctuary & education center in Vacaville, is raising $2.7 million to relocate to a larger and better space.   We wanted to do more than just hope they made it, we wanted to help, so earlier this month, we announced our vegan pizza party & boutique fun(d)raiser event.

Frank, Murray and Ernie at Animal Place, Vacaville, CA

Three weeks later, we’re pleased to announce that $2,299.30 was raised for Animal Place, and the critters like Frank, Murray and Ernie who call it home.

$1,679.54 was raised through the  ticket sales, boutique sales, animal sponsorships, and donations, and the remainder was from pre-event donations matched by BAVeg, funded entirely by sales of Vegetarian Bay Area: The Ultimate Guide.

Animal Place Supporters & Friends

This was all made possible by our wonderful community that came together to enjoy vegan pizza, a slideshow presentation by Kim Sturla and support Animal Place. Thank you to everyone who attended and donated to make this event so successful!  We were overwhelmed with the response and thrilled to see the large turnout for Animal Place.

Ready for more awesome news? As Kim mentioned during her presentation, Animal Place has a donor who is matching $150,000 to help them raise an additional $300K.  So, the $2,299 we raised will become $4,598. (Hint:  if you missed out on our matching donation offer for their Grass Valley mooove, you have another chance!)

A big thank you to Dennis and the D. King Gallery for providing a wonderful space, thank you to Fellini’s for donating the delicious vegan pizzas, and thank you to Trader Joe’s in El Cerrito for donating drinks.

Kim Sturla with Howie

Kim Sturla, co-founder of Animal Place, emailed us the next day:

“All of the Animal Place gang had a great time Tuesday night. It always feels great to be in a room full of like-minded people . . . especially when they are helping with its mooooove!

Thank you for helping to make a new and better home for the animals. This has been an ambitious undertaking . . .  raising almost $3 million. And, knowing there are folks out there – like Tammy, Chris, Mila, Mike and Roni – who are willing and eager to help make this dream a reality is very heart warming. You are helping us financially AND emotionally as your enthusiasm is inspiring.”

More Event Photos | Boutique ItemsEvent Organizers | BAVeg Animal Place farm tour photos

In the next blog post, you’ll get a glimpse behind-the-scenes with the event organizers on how this magical event happened.  Shown here, starting from the left, Roni, Tammy, Dennis (shop owner), Mila, and Mike.

And we’ll spill the beans on which two-legged animal was eager to taste test the vegan dog treats …

Meanwhile, we want to hear from you .. about the event, the pizza, Animal Place .. why you decided to join us in making a difference for the animals. So drop us a line, then read on

So leave us a comment, tell us what you think!

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  1. alicia says:

    Thanks to the organizers for hosting a fun and worthwhile event and for raising money for a very worthy cause. I enjoyed seeing pictures of the new sanctuary–what a wonderful mooove for Animal Place!

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