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Wishing for More Veg*ns

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Instead of merely wishing more people would go veg, please join Bay Area Vegetarians as we work to make it happen by distributing free vegan information & recipes to the general (non-veg) public! We have been organizing monthly HAVE A HEART, GO VEG LEAFLETING activities and now that summer is soon upon us, we’ll be even busier with 5 San Francisco leafleting events this month.

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Review: The Usual Suspects Cafe

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

I am happy to report that I am optimistic about this new vegetarian restaurant with a heavy emphasis on vegan food. It’s in San Francisco on Broadway St, just off Montgomery, and probably trekkable from Montgomery BART if you’ve got good leg muscles or are allured by vegan food. The Usual Suspects Cafe, opened by Bob Bosco, is making a splash with local veg folks already. It’s a diner, it’s familiar foods made vegan, it’s great desserts, it’s talented chefs cooking with passion & pride, and they’ve got a commitment to organic, too. (In passing, they mentioned a big percentage of their food is organic; I don’t remember the exact number.)

Just hours after eating there last nite, I wrote the official description review in the Ultimate Guide:

Styled like an American diner, this new face in the SF restaurant scene offers a variety of vegan favorites like pizzas, sandwiches, burger, falafel, lasagna .. and they make their own seitan and sauces/salad dressings/cashew cheese. And, yes, vegan desserts, too. In an interesting twist, there are a few pizzas made with dairy, then it says everything is vegan except items which are marked that can be made vegetarian. Room upstairs available for private parties.

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The Usual Suspects Cafe (SF)

Friday, May 30th, 2008

New vegetarian restaurant (with an emphasis on vegan foods) just opened in SF, The Usual Suspects. Currently only open Tuesday through Saturday but they anticipate offering a weekend brunch. Check ’em out –

Ultimate Guide: The Usual Suspects

Thanks to Bob for sharing the news!

I leafleted R2-D2

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Go Veg!
During leafleting at the 2008 Maker Faire in San Mateo., 749 people and one astromech received information about delicious vegan recipes, plant-based nutrition, and the revealing truth of the modern day animal factory farms.

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