Make New Veg*ns at the Maker Faire!

Bay Area Vegetarians has an opportunity to table at a wonderful event called Maker Faire and we need YOUR help to make that happen. Last year 45,000 people attended and this year promises to be even bigger.

Volunteers are needed for Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and 6 pm. We know this is short notice, but we were only just invited through a random connection so we really hope we can pull together to be a voice for veganism!

NO previous experience is necessary. We just ask that you’re a friendly person, already vegan or vegetarian committed to transitioning towards vegan. All materials, etc. are already available – all we need is you!

Click HERE to see the current volunteer shift openings on the event calendar link.

And, truly, you don’t need any previous experience to volunteer — all you need is a willingness to share information about veg*nism that will indeed change lives.

Bay Area Veg will continue with our regular outreach opportunities (letter writing parties, leafleting, KFC Cruelty protests) as well as special opportunities throughout the spring and summer. Please email us if you have ideas or suggestions, or would like to be more closely involved in planning.

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