Have a Heart, Go Veg!

Our heart-felt thanks to our volunteers who shared the compassion in their heart for animals at our “Have a Heart, Go Veg” Leafleting & Dinner activity on Saturday, Feb 9th, organized by Tammy and Alex. Leafleting with BAVeg is an opportunity to get our veg message out to the public and then celebrate our good work & fellowship over a yummy vegan meal.

We give a big welcome to Melisse, her first-time leafleting, and were happy to see Juan (his 2nd time leafleting), Jordan, and George join us again. Miranda and Jack from Vegan Outreach joined us, too. Jack is the President of Vegan Outreach but Miranda gets top billing because she is an amazing, Amazon leafleter. 🙂

Using Vegetarian Starter Kits provided by PETA, which includes information on factory farming as well as health and vegan recipes, as well as Vegan Outreach materials, Alex, Miranda, Melisse, Jack, Juan, Jordan, George, and Tammy gathered on a beautiful, sunny San Francisco winter day and distributed several hundred leaflets from 1 to 3 pm that provided much needed information on how eating animals is cruel, deadly, and unnecessary, and how eating plants is cruelty-free and healthy.

There are good leafleters and there are great leafleters. Miranda is a great leafleter. She started at 11:30 am, and gave out more leaflets than the rest of us combined! Please keep her and Vegan Outreach supplied with leaflets – adopt a runner in the Vegan Outreach benefit marathon. Vegan Outreach employs leafleters like Miranda to distribute these life-changing booklets to students across the nation in their Adopt-a-College program.

Jack, the organizer behind Vegan Outreach’s AAC program, brought VO’s newest member to their family of leaflets, Compassionate Choices in addition to Even if You Like Meat and Guide to Cruelty Free Eating (contains recipes & nutrition info)

So instead of spending the afternoon watching TV, surfing the Internet, or shopping like those we leafleted, over 1,900 leaflets were distributed to promote a plant-based diet. And the reason why Amanda is amazing is because she distributed the 1000.

Next month, we hope you’ll have a heart and go veg leafleting with us! We’re leafleting Saturday, March 15th. We need volunteer to help with the cart AND it would be great to have someone take photographs of our parade leafleting. Wear Green!

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