Making New Vegetarians

Saturday, January 12th was our first veg leafleting event to make 2008 the Year for All Animals.

Alex, Juan, and Tammy met at 1 pm at Powell and Market, and Jordan joined them for the final leg, as they distributed 650 leaflets in less than two hours (600 Vegetarian Starter Kits and 50 Why Vegans). In fact, it was so busy at Powell and Market, the team distributed all the leaflets there, only passing through Union Square to reach Golden Era for their ultimate goal, sharing a vegan dinner replete Golden Era’s housemade vegan flan and Black China’s vegan mocha chocolate cake.

Reading veg info
People were very interested in the materials provided, several were very enthusiastic in their thanks. And, even better, people who originally declined would turn back around and request one. More of our focus was on distributing leaflets than taking snapshots, but you can see from the photographs the response people had to it.

If you (or anyone you know) is interested in joining us on our next leafleting activity as our team photographer, please let us know. You’ll need to have your own digital camera.

Vegetarian Starter Kit

If your goals for 2008 include…

  • making the world a kinder place
  • meeting new people
  • getting out more
  • making time for fun and yummy vegan food

then join Team BAVEG for our next oureach activity scheduled for February 9th in SF.

Leafleting is a numbers game

The more leaflets we distribute to the public, the more opportunities we have to create more change towards a more compassionate & cruelty-free plant-based diet. Vegan Outreach, which focuses specifically on leafleting colleges using Why Vegan and other VO materials, estimates 5-10 new vegetarians are created for every 300 booklets. So, with that estimate, we created 10-20 new vegetarians in less than two hours!

We are planning to do a general veg leafleting once a month, and we are also looking for volunteers to revitalize our Bay Area Veg team in the Adopt a college program, too. We distributed 3,402 leaflets in Spring 2007 and are looking for volunteers for the new semester. Please contact us if you are interested.

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