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Runaway Vegans support Vegan Outreach
BAVeg’s Runaway Vegans supports Vegan Outreach!

Vegan Outreach publishes and distributes millions of pamphlets, including “Why Vegan“, to reduce animal suffering and slaughter, and promote a plant-based diet. Vegan Outreach is teaming up with Marthon Matt to participate in a half-marathon and 10K run on April 13th in Santa Cruz to raise funds. It includes a 12 week training program for new runners.

BAVeg is joining Vegan Outreach’s Run for their Lives, with the Runaway Vegans organized by Alex Bury. Runners and sponsors for the runners are welcome!

Event Details | Be a Runaway Vegan with Alex!

Event Highlights

  • Training is individualized for both new and old runners
  • Dogs can join training sessions
  • Free weekly training e-mail with tips, information, schedule and recipe.
  • Free weekly group training at Ft. Mason or on your own if you’re not local.
  • 1st prize is a gourmet dinner for 6, cooked and served in your home by Chef Alex Bury. Alex is starting a BAV team so that she can win the prize. If that happens, the Runaway Vegans team gets a restaurant dinner.

Race Schedule:

  • Jan 23rd – Information Session: There will be a group dinner at All About Herbs on Wednesday evening. Marathon Matt will be there to answer questions about how a non-runner can train to finish a 10k or half-marathon in 12 weeks.
  • Feb 2nd – Training begins, kick-off lunch at Greens
  • April 13th – race date


  1. It’s a really great idea. I don’t run for the sake of running, but I am a soccer player, so I run a lot on a field. What times will he training begin on Saturdays? I can’t do anything earlier than 12:30, so I’m not likely to be able to join you. Most often, things are early in the morning. Anyway, have fun! If anybody needs a personal trainer to help reduce injury and improve strength and stamina, I could offer a nice little package for the runners. Let me know if you would be interested in offering something like that. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for 5 years and nutrition consultant for nearly 10. Oh and mostly vegan for 16 years.

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