Chicken-Approved Outreach

Leafleting is a great outreach activity that can take as little as 5 minutes to 5 hours. From my personal experience, working full-time is not an impediment to leafleting, as there opportunities on your lunch hour or the weekend, etc. In 5 minutes while waiting for a BART train, I’ve passed out 20 leaflets. And age is not an issue — we’ve had volunteers younger than 10, and five times 10.

The following 3 events represent over 4,000 leaflets distributed.

9/29 Fog Fest Parade in Pacifica
The Cow, The Chicken, and the Human
700 PETA VSKs — in an hour.

The Cow, The Chicken, and the Human – who said what?

“Free Recipes!”
“Chicken-approved recipes!”

“Cow-friendly recipes!”

The last two are new pitch lines that we tried, reinforcing the presence of animals and what type of recipes a chicken or cow would approve and find friendly. We overheard conversations as adults would take the booklet (which prominently says Vegetarian on the cover) and then make the connection. Kids asked their Mom what that meant. Others specifically saw the recipes said Vegetarian and asked for one for themselves, or for friends.

This was just a typical festival in a small town, population 40K, so we were pleased with the overall receptiveness of everyone we approached. I had originally anticpated bringing only 500 leaflets so quite happy we had extra and distributed 700.

Logistics: for anyone considering parade leafleting – if you’re doing more than a backpack worth, you need a way to transport the literature. It works best if you have a person handling lit transport and others for leafleting. From previous parade experience, we learned that some marketing helps. Thanks to Amy & Tammy who wore cow & chicken costumes respectively, and to Ann, who wore a Vegan message t-shirt and carted the the 120 lbs of literature on an industrial-strength cart. By following us, she was also able to distribute leaflets to people who changed their minds and wanted one.

9/21 HeartWalk SF

Sue single-handedly leafleted this lunchtime, weekday event distributing over 325 Why Vegans. This is an annual event, so if you work in the downtown area and want to get involved next year, let us know.

9/8 Power to the Peaceful Concert in San Francisco
Ari, Nora, Alex, Amy, Tammy, Sergei + Shelly, Collin + son, Mari, and others!
2,150 Vegan Outreach Try Vegetarian, Why Vegan & Even If You Like Meat
1,000 PETA VSKs

Ari wrote this great summary below:

I’ve never had so many people tell me they were already vegan. I’ve also never met so many people who told me they were formerly vegan. One person told me they had not eaten any meat since they got an EI at a recent A’s game (they didn’t even read it, just saw the cover). Nice going Victor!

One interesting encounter:

Ari: Bring peace to every meal

Them: I really feel bad for the animals, but humans have always eaten them

Ari: Humans have also always raped and murdered. However, humans have also shown the capability to act with compassion and kindness. I bet you prefer humans act from their benevolence then their malevolence, just as I do.

Them: OK, I’ll take a look at it

Logistics: Thanks to Ari for transporting dozens of boxes of literature to the event. It is quite a physical feat as the literature boxes weigh up to 30 lbs each for the VSKs. Above is basically a count of what Ari brought and a few that I had stuffed in my backpack, but we think others also brought literature too

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