Enjoy eating in San Francisco?

BAVeg is looking for 1-2 volunteers who work or live in San Francisco to establish new monthly dining events in SF.

Please take our survey to determine your aptitude.

1) Do you enjoy eating vegan foods? (yes, no)

2) Do you like to share interesting conversation with like-minded folks? (yes, no)

3) Do you enjoy meeting new people? (yes, no)

4) Do you want to help support new veg*ns? (yes, no)

5) Do you believe a veg*n lifestyle benefits the animals, the environment, and human health? (yes, no)

6) Do you believe one person can make a difference? (yes, no)

7) Do you support BAVeg’s mission to promote veganism and animal rights? (yes, no)

If you answered YES to all of the above, then you’re a great fit to host a vegan dining out activity. We are particularly looking for hosts in SF at this time.

Volunteer Info

Current, BAVeg has about a dozen monthly events in Marin, South Bay, East Bay, and SF. We would like to expand that to include a regular dinner in San Francisco.

If you’re new to event hosting, please note that we provide a support forum exclusively for our hosts, with real life practical tips and ideas for event hosting.

Our volunteers make everything happen for Bay Area Veg. And they are indeed Veggie Important People to us. Join a great team!

Dinner Event:

Host a dinner at your favorite veg restaurant! Sound interesting? Read more about event hosting and then contact Tammy with your ideas.

The dinner can be during the week or on the weekend to fit your schedule. Currently, all the volunteer dinner hosts pick their favorite restaurant, and then host the dinner there at a set date and time every month (i.e. 4th Wednesday at 7 pm, 2nd Saturday at 6 pm). Having regularly scheduled events makes it easier to remember the dates, too.

Lunch event – co-host needed!

Tammy is looking for a co-host for a regular SF lunch (currently held at the SF Ferry Building Farmer’s Market). She can do the online organizing but her work schedule often includes spontaneous meetings at/near the lunch hour. So she needs a reliable co-host who has a very predictable work schedule and can arrive promptly at the event. If you can help, the next lunch is currently scheduled for 9/4; please contact Tammy.

At the Aug 7th lunch at Donna’s Tamales at the SF Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, there were 11 folks in attendance, with a variety of foods and conversations enjoyed. We’ll miss Andrew who has been co-hosting, but is changing job locations.

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