4th of July Sand-n-Surf Vegan Food Party

Six years ago, Tammy and Chris started Bay Area Vegetarians. One of the reasons was simply to meet more like-minded people. And that continues to be one of the core reasons for Bay Area Vegetarians — to support and connect the veg community.

So this 4th of July, come on out to Montara State Beach and share good vegan food & fellowship with like-minded folks. We will picnic on the beautiful, clean sandy Montara State Beach, enjoying fresh ocean breezes and admiring the surf.

If you’ve never been to a Vegan Food Party, then make this your first one! If you’ve been to several, then come again to this one! The basic concept is that everyone makes a yummy vegan dish to share. It’s a super opportunity to ‘animal test’ new vegan recipes on willing volunteers, and to try a variety of dishes.

What: Sand-n-Surf Vegan Food Party!
Where: Montara State Beach

When: 7/4/07 Wednesday, 1:00 pm
RSVP: Tammy & Chris

Directions | What to Bring | Google Map

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NOTE – if you can help and arrive at 12:30 to help us carry and set up a canopy and tables, that would be much appreciated! Thanks to Jordan and we could use 2 more volunteers!

This year’s Sand-n-Surf VFP is extra special for Tammy & Chris. Last year, Highway 1, the highway connecting Pacifica and Montara, was closed from April through August for a major road repair. Effectively, Pacifica and Montara became the largest cul-de-sacs in the Bay Area, requiring huge detours and lengthened commute times. The annual 4th of July celebration was regretfully cancelled for 2006.

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