Book Club Updates (including NEW club!)

Our first book club, organized by Lisa, is currently full. The second book club, reading veg/AR topics, is open for new members.

Bobby is looking for interested folks to email him to start a new book club reading primarily fiction, but potentially non-fiction as well (please see information below)

Upcoming veg/AR book club selections are: The China Study in May and Free the Animals in July. You’re invited to participate in one or both discussions; see event calendar for details.

New Fiction/General Non-Fiction Book Club

I’m interested in meeting people who would like to start another chapter of the existing Bay Area Vegetarians book club. We would read both fiction and non-fiction (probably more fiction but I am quite flexible as to the ratio of fic to non-fic).

We can pick books by consensus or we can take turns picking them. We would mostly meet in various locations in the city (San Francisco) but if people want, I’m open to going to the east bay once in a while (as long as we can take public transportation or carpool to minimize our environmental impact). The idea is to meet over yummy food (vegan only please so we can be as inclusive as possible) and have a lively discussion.


PS You don’t have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to participate…just be willing to eat vegan food during our meetings! :)

To Get More Information or Join the Book Club

For more information on the new book club OR the veg/AR book club, please contact Bay Area Vegetarians, and your email will be forwarded to Bobby (new book club) or Tammy (veg/AR book club). Click HERE

Note, if you replied earlier, please resend as we had some problems with some contact emails. 🙁

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