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Medicine Eatstation re-opens in San Francisco

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

As reported earlier, this formerly vegan restaurant has re-opened.

There has been some remodelling to both its restaurant structure and menu, as they have added a second menu serving sea animals; at this time, the second menu has 5 items. The primary vegan menu has about 20 different items including food, drinks, and MaggieMudd vegan ice cream.

White Lotus Closed (San Jose)

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

White Lotus, a Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant in San Jose, has closed. Thanks to lauren for this update.

Cafe’ Soulstice – San Mateo

Friday, March 16th, 2007

New raw/living foods restaurant on the Peninsula in San Mateo.

New Additions for March

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

Nook Cafe – San Francisco

Mixt Greens – San Francisco

Powersource Juice Bar – San Francisco

Spice Hut Indian Bistro – Menlo Park

Holy Gelato – San Francisco

Vegi Garden (Sunnyvale) – now open

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

Relatively new all veggie restaurant in Sunnyvale on Bernardo/just off El Camino Real.

Website Contact Emails lost

Monday, March 12th, 2007

We recently discovered a problem with our contact us page and were not receiving some messages sent to us in recent months. So, if you tried to contact us and did not receive a response, please resend it.

Thanks for your patience.

BAV News – March 2007

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

San Francisco Bay Area Events & Activities, Vegan Cooking Classes, recipes .. and more!

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February Outreach Roundup

Saturday, March 10th, 2007

There are 7 events, all leafleting, included in this month’s report. If you organized a BAV outreach/advocacy event, please send me your information to be included in the next roundup. Thank you to everyone who helped, and especially the activity organizers.

2/1 College Leafleting – Skyline College, San Bruno: 150 booklets
2/7 College Leafleting – UCB: 215 booklets
2/13 Singles Veg Leafleting – SF: 800 leaflets
2/14 Valentine’s Day College Leafleting – SFSU: 856 booklets
2/21 College Leafleting – Napa Valley College: 115 booklets
2/22 College Leafleting – SJSU: 2000 leaflets
2/27 College Leafleting – SFSU: 623 booklets

Total February leaflets distributed = 4,759

2/1 College Leafleting – Skyline College, San Bruno: 150 booklets

Sue, lauren and Tammy did some quick leafleting at Skyline College in San Bruno. College procedures, however, weren’t as receptive to the leaflets as the students were, so we left after 30 minutes and 150 booklets.

2/7 College Leafleting – UCB: 215 booklets

In real estate terms, our location was a goldmine. Tons of students (not rain) pouring by us during the lunch hour at the busy main entrance to Cal. Students, however, were indifferent. lauren & Tammy distributed 215 Why Vegan and Even If You Like Meat booklets in an hour, and once it started to rain, that was our cue to exit to Pizza Plaza for vegan pizza (with vegan cheese!).

2/13 Singles Veg Leafleting – SF: 800 leaflets

Putting their (com)passion into action, Alex led a group of veggie singles through the streets of SF, distributing PETA Vegetarian Starter Kits and then dining at local vegan favorite, Herbivore. We met at 16th and MIssion and handed out Spanish and English VSK’s while we slowly walked and talked our way down Mission. We get an incredibly receptive response to the Spanish language literature. It’s really amazing.

Sue took that evening to tackle the hurdle of not wanting to leaflet alone–she smashed it into smithereens by handing out 500 Even If’s in downtown San Francisco, before meeting the rest of the group in the Mission. Very inspiring! The rest of the goup handed out about 150 Spanish Veg Starter Kit’s and 150 English Veg Starter Kits.

Dinner at Herbivore was delicious as always, we had a great conversation about talking your close (non-veg) friends about vegetarianism.

2/14 Valentine’s Day College Leafleting – SFSU: 856 booklets

Sue, lauren, and Tammy had a heart for animals and shared information with receptive students about how they could help animals by distributing 856 Why Vegan and Even If You Like Meat booklets in 90 minutes.

2/21 College Leafleting – Napa Valley College: 115 booklets

Mother and daughter duo Vicki and Meghann leafletted for an hour and handed out 115 pamphlets. Mostly “Even if you like Meat” and some “Why Vegan”.

They met an awesome young female student who is very interested in leafleting. She’s a 7th Day Adventist and already vegan and wants to order leaflets for her church as well, and another vegetarian who thinks what we are doing is awesome and is already aware of what’s going on.

Others “didn’t want to know” but graciously accepted leaflets. Vicki emphasized that once they’re done reading the pamphlet to share with family and friends – spread the consciousness!

2/22 College Leafleting – SJSU: 2000 leaflets

PETA gave Alex the day off for her birthday, and she and Sue celebrated by driving down to San Jose State University for veg advocacy. Wow! Paula and Scott joined us and we had a fabulous day. We chose to ignore the rain and it got the message–stopping before leafleting, then starting just as we left San Jose.

We handed out almost 2,000 leaflets (both Vegan Outreach and PETA) and the students were wonderfully receptive. Leafleting to young people really is a positive experience.

After leafleting, they had a delicious birthday meal at Good Karma, followed by (of course) birthday coffee. Great company and food, lots of laughter, and fabulous outreach for the animals who need our help so badly. A perfect birthday, especially since being vegan means getting a year younger every year. 37 in meat-eating years equals 27 in vegan years.

2/27 College Leafleting – SFSU: 623 booklets

It was 50 degree weather with gloomy skies promising rain, but Tammy & Sue went back to school one final time in February. One not-so-smart-aleck refused by saying “I can’t read” while others gave the slightly more plausible “I have one already”. But it’s always hard to believe people can refuse when you offer them a pamphlet while saying “Against Animal Cruelty”. With help from student Juliet, distributed 623 Why Vegan and Even If You Like Meat booklets in roughly an hour. When Mother Nature decided to gift us with rain, that combined with the chilly temperatures, encouraged us to depart for the warmer destination of lunch at Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant.

Total February leaflets distributed = 4,759

Upcoming leafleting opportunities include:

03/15 MEATOUT College leafletting – Academy of Arts University, SF
03/17 MEATOUT Leafleting – SF
03/18 MEATOUT Leafleting – Menlo Park
03/20 MEATOUT College Leafleting – Napa Valley College
03/20 MEATOUT Commuter leafletting – SF

03/20 MEATOUT College Leafleting – Diablo Valley College

Please see event calendar for current details

Book Club Updates (including NEW club!)

Saturday, March 10th, 2007

Our first book club, organized by Lisa, is currently full. The second book club, reading veg/AR topics, is open for new members.

Bobby is looking for interested folks to email him to start a new book club reading primarily fiction, but potentially non-fiction as well (please see information below)

Upcoming veg/AR book club selections are: The China Study in May and Free the Animals in July. You’re invited to participate in one or both discussions; see event calendar for details.

New Fiction/General Non-Fiction Book Club

I’m interested in meeting people who would like to start another chapter of the existing Bay Area Vegetarians book club. We would read both fiction and non-fiction (probably more fiction but I am quite flexible as to the ratio of fic to non-fic).

We can pick books by consensus or we can take turns picking them. We would mostly meet in various locations in the city (San Francisco) but if people want, I’m open to going to the east bay once in a while (as long as we can take public transportation or carpool to minimize our environmental impact). The idea is to meet over yummy food (vegan only please so we can be as inclusive as possible) and have a lively discussion.


PS You don’t have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to participate…just be willing to eat vegan food during our meetings! :)

To Get More Information or Join the Book Club

For more information on the new book club OR the veg/AR book club, please contact Bay Area Vegetarians, and your email will be forwarded to Bobby (new book club) or Tammy (veg/AR book club). Click HERE

Note, if you replied earlier, please resend as we had some problems with some contact emails. 🙁

Dressings and Sauces for Easy Meals

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Bay Area Vegetarians has had multiple requests for “one pot meals” lately. Recipes easy to make on Sunday and then take for lunch throughout the week. In fact, pretty much every time I post something to the list—it could be about vegan shoes or PETA or leafleting by BART—I get responses that ask, “That’s great, but can I have a recipe for a big pot of something?”

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