Bay Area activities for Great Amerian Meatout

In recognition of the billions of animals killed every year for food, Bay Area Vegetarians is participating in the Great American Meatout organized by the Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM). The Great American Meatout, on Tuesday, March 20th, is the world’s largest and oldest annual grassroots diet education campaign.

Our goal is to have at least 100 volunteers leafleting on the weekend of Meatout or days leading up to it. For 30 minutes, at a location convenient to you, on your lunch hour, after work, during the weekend …

Leafleting is one of the most effective tools advocates have to raise public awareness of animals in factory farms and to promot 54 e veg*nism.

Where’s a good place to leaflet? Anywhere concentrated groups of people are, example:

– farmer’s market on the weekend or during the week
– movie queue at Metreon
– commuters arriving or departing public transit like BART, SF Ferry

– busy pedestrian area, like Union Square or Lake Merritt
– any public access area
– college campuses ( list of CA colleges )
– beach with faux burger samples ( last year’s burger giveaway )

No previous experience is necessary, just a willingness to help.

To participate, please contact us with the following information:

City (and if possible, location)
Date (if you have picked one)
If you want others to join you, which e-mail address we should give out; or, if you are looking to join an existing activity, please email us or check the events calendar

Included with the leaflets distributed will be an offer for a free or below market rate cooking class for non-vegetarians.

AND – for all the volunteer leafleters: You will be invited to a special vegan food party exclusively for the volunteers. We can all compare notes & experiences afterwards (maybe you’ll agree with Sue, leafleting is better than sex?), and share good vegan food with like-minded people. While the real thank you is knowing we are helping our animal friends, we’ll also have a few giveaways, including great veggie t-shirts, books, etc..

This is the first time we’re attempting to get 100 people on the streets to leaflet. So please help us make it successful! Email us today to sign-up.

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