Ask Cat: What to do with Non-Vegan Guests

“This question comes up from time to time at our house. We’re vegan (except for cat food). When we have family or friends over for an extended stay and they want to bring their own dairy or meat, what is my best response to this? Can I keep my vegan household and my family and friends happy at the same time?”

What a great question! Explain to your family & friends that your household is vegan, and you’d love to share some of your favorite dishes with them (either home-cooked or your favorite veg restaurants). And for your guests’ non-vegan tendencies, well, leave information in strategic, subtle places that they can “accidentally” stumble upon, like “Why Vegan” booklet or “Meet Your Meat” running on your computer when they go to check their email. But if they start to look murderously at your companion chicken, point them in the direction of the nearest Denny’s and give them some Tic Tacs to eat before they come back home.

Remember, if you are a non-smoker who didn’t allow cigarettes in or near your house, your family would respect that. You have every right to set the rules in your own home, especially since you’ll still provide them with great food–you’re not asking them to starve. Don’t apologize for your vegan policy, be proud of it and assume they will respect it!

What would you say? Feel free to chime in with your own experiences.

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