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Medicine Eatstation closing

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

This all vegan restaurant in the Crocker Galleria in SF’s financial district closed earlier this month.

Sadly, it will reopen mid-March but as a lunch time only restaurant, and will not be vegetarian.

Bay Area activities for Great Amerian Meatout

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

In recognition of the billions of animals killed every year for food, Bay Area Vegetarians is participating in the Great American Meatout organized by the Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM). The Great American Meatout, on Tuesday, March 20th, is the world’s largest and oldest annual grassroots diet education campaign.

Our goal is to have at least 100 volunteers leafleting on the weekend of Meatout or days leading up to it. For 30 minutes, at a location convenient to you, on your lunch hour, after work, during the weekend …

Leafleting is one of the most effective tools advocates have to raise public awareness of animals in factory farms and to promot 54 e veg*nism.

Where’s a good place to leaflet? Anywhere concentrated groups of people are, example:

– farmer’s market on the weekend or during the week
– movie queue at Metreon
– commuters arriving or departing public transit like BART, SF Ferry

– busy pedestrian area, like Union Square or Lake Merritt
– any public access area
– college campuses ( list of CA colleges )
– beach with faux burger samples ( last year’s burger giveaway )

No previous experience is necessary, just a willingness to help.

To participate, please contact us with the following information:

City (and if possible, location)
Date (if you have picked one)
If you want others to join you, which e-mail address we should give out; or, if you are looking to join an existing activity, please email us or check the events calendar

Included with the leaflets distributed will be an offer for a free or below market rate cooking class for non-vegetarians.

AND – for all the volunteer leafleters: You will be invited to a special vegan food party exclusively for the volunteers. We can all compare notes & experiences afterwards (maybe you’ll agree with Sue, leafleting is better than sex?), and share good vegan food with like-minded people. While the real thank you is knowing we are helping our animal friends, we’ll also have a few giveaways, including great veggie t-shirts, books, etc..

This is the first time we’re attempting to get 100 people on the streets to leaflet. So please help us make it successful! Email us today to sign-up.

Exciting Opportuning – Matching Donations for Vegan Outreach

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Jack Norris of Vegan Outreach gave an excellent presentation at the recent Bay Area Vegetarians event on Sunday, on the topic “Veganism: Does it Spread Itself”. The history of advocacy for veg*nism was particularly interesting.

Vegan Outreach is a big part of that history, with its development of “Why Vegan”, “Try Vegetarian”, and “Even If You Like Meat” booklets and its innovative campaign to outreach to the student population via its Adopt a College Campaign

There are two ways that YOU can help

1) Give a gift of your time. Leaflet – its simple and easy to do. You can order materials directly from Vegan Outreach (see their website).

2) Give them your financial support. All donations made by February 28th will be matched by Ari & Becky (our hosts for Sunday’s event). They have graciously agreed to match *every* dollar donated to Vegan Outreach, a non-profit 501(c)(3).

Every day, Vegan Outreach receives testimonials like the two below. You can read even more online at –

“Since you sent me the booklets, two people for sure have gone vegetarian because of the brochures, and many people have said they will greatly reduce how much meat they eat.”
-Brandon, 1/18/07

“I just finished reading your pamphlet about vegetarianism and I wanted to tell you that you have changed my whole way of thinking about the world. I had no idea this cruelty was going on and I will definitely now think twice about what I eat. I would like to become a vegetarian and appreciate all of the resources you’ve provided to help me with that change. Thank you for opening my eyes!”
-SA, 12/14/06

Vegan Outreach estimates that for every 200 leaflets, 5 new vegetarians are created. Price varies based on the booklet and quantity printed, but on average $40 will pay for a box of 300 leaflets. Each box represents 7 new vegetarians.

So, if you donate $40, and Ari & Becky match that with another $40, that’s funding for 600 leaflets and 15 new vegetarians.

To support veg*nism by donating

Please send a check payable to Vegan Outreach. Mail it to Ari. At the end of the month, he will send all all checks and their matching donation to Vegan Outreach. If you work for a corporation, ask them if they have a matching contribution program and your donation could be triple matched.

Ariel Thomas Nessel, 64 Levant Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Donations of $230 have already been received or promised. So your donation, of any size, will make a big difference — whether its $5 or $500, it will matched.

To support veg*nism by volunteering

You can find information about ordering materials, adopting a college, etc. on the website

There are typically a few BAV leafleting opportunities every month, watch the SFBAVEG/EVENTS mailing list or check our website at

My own personal experience using Vegan Outreach materials – I was leafleting with lauren and Sue at Skyline College earlier this month. I handed an Even If You Like Meat to an open-minded young man at Skyline College. As he walked away from me, reading the brochure, as he passed by lauren who was leafleting at a different location, he commented (with more profanity) about how messed up this is. And that’s exactly what we want people to realize.

As Vegan Outreach says so well
“Ultimately, living with compassion means striving to maximize the good we accomplish, not following a set of rules or trying to fit a certain label. From eating less meat to being vegan, our actions are only a means to an end: decreasing suffering.”

Donations enable Vegan Outreach to print more leaflets that can be distributed to more people. Volunteers helping with leafleting enable more people to receive this information. So, please give generously of your financial support to Vegan Outreach and give generously of your time to leaflet.

Asian Rose, Parawdise, Lydia’s Lovin Foods

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

Several months ago we reported that Asian Rose, a popular Sri Lankan vegetarian restaurant in Santa Cruz, had closed and would re-open on Front Street. Asian Rose served foods deli-style, offering a wonderful and tasty variety of foods at inexpensive prices. Its sister restaurant, Malabar, offered dinner service featuring a menu of similar foods.

Both ventures have been combined into the relaunched Asian Rose, now at 514 Front Street and open daily, is again open & serving delicious food.

Parawdise, a raw restaurant in SF, has gone through sporadic and limited hours in recent months, causing several reports of permanent closure. At this time, the phone number is disconnected.

Lydia’s Lovin’ Foods, which was the only vegetarian restaurant in Marin, closed its restaurant doors on January 22nd. It will be focused on its dehydrated foods product line and catering festivals and fairs.

Paradise in San Rafael Closed

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Typically the Ultimate Guide News reports only on veg businesses. We made an exception for Paradise in San Rafael. This restaurant originally started as a veg Vietnames restaurant, with a menu similar to Golden Era. Then they changed the menu so it was partially veg. And now they have closed.

BAV News – February 2007

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

San Francisco Bay Area Events & Activities, Vegan Cooking Classes, recipes, vegan advice .. and more!

To have this delivered automatically to your inbox, please subscribe at

Ask Cat: What to do with Non-Vegan Guests

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

“This question comes up from time to time at our house. We’re vegan (except for cat food). When we have family or friends over for an extended stay and they want to bring their own dairy or meat, what is my best response to this? Can I keep my vegan household and my family and friends happy at the same time?”

What a great question! Explain to your family & friends that your household is vegan, and you’d love to share some of your favorite dishes with them (either home-cooked or your favorite veg restaurants). And for your guests’ non-vegan tendencies, well, leave information in strategic, subtle places that they can “accidentally” stumble upon, like “Why Vegan” booklet or “Meet Your Meat” running on your computer when they go to check their email. But if they start to look murderously at your companion chicken, point them in the direction of the nearest Denny’s and give them some Tic Tacs to eat before they come back home.

Remember, if you are a non-smoker who didn’t allow cigarettes in or near your house, your family would respect that. You have every right to set the rules in your own home, especially since you’ll still provide them with great food–you’re not asking them to starve. Don’t apologize for your vegan policy, be proud of it and assume they will respect it!

What would you say? Feel free to chime in with your own experiences.

ASK CAT when you’ve got a question about vegetarianism or vegetarian living or simply want a veg perspective. Please include at least your first name and city with your query.

January Outreach Roundup

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

01/07 The Extreme Veg Event (EVE) – SF
01/21 KFC Cruelty Protest – SF
01/25 Leaflet Veg Info – SF
01/29 Adopt a College leafletting – Academy of Arts University, SF
01/31 Leaflet Veg Info – SF

Advocacy for animals is one of the most important activities that BAVeg volunteers do — it’s an opportunity to meet like-minded people, exercise our compassion — and just know there *is* something we can do.

01/07 The Extreme Veg Event (EVE) – SF

In the inaugural Extreme Veg Event, Alex led her all-women team of leafleters, Caroline, Lidia, Saundrine, and Tammy through the streets of San Francisco, distributing vegetarian information in English and Spanish, over 350 English VSKs and 150 Spanish VSKs. In summary, an awesome pairing of complementary activities: feeding vegetarian information to the public and feeding ourselves with yummy vegan food afterwards.

Stay-tuned to the event calendar or sign-up for one of our mailing lists for the next EVE event.

01/21 KFC Cruelty Protest – SF

This protest is the longest-running advocacy organized Bay Area Veg volunteers. Andrew, the current organizer, provides this recent report for January’s protest:

“Thanks to everyone who helped with today’s San Francisco protest – it was a great success, with 8 people there, and tremendous public and police support. This KFC is now monitoring our schedule, and called the police in advance in an attempt to intimidate us. I spoke with the police and clarified that they were not going to bother us as long as we were peaceful and law-abiding. They ended up chatting with us, were extremely polite and respectful, and thanked us at the end for being so nice and peaceful! One had said, “we just want to make sure no one gets hurt” and I replied, “that’s what we’re all about!” and he laughed.

This confirms that KFC is feeling pressure and is attempting other feeble intimidation methods besides hosing off the sidewalks. We may increase the frequency of the protests as a result.

Additionally, with each protest, more and more people are showing support for us, waving and honking. This can only mean that awareness is spreading, at least in that neighborhood!”

The next KFC protests are 2/3 San Jose, 2/17 in Palo Alto, 2/18 in SF. See event calendar for details.

1/25/07 Leaflet Veg Info – SF

Wild Parrots, Leafleting, and Art: Sue artfully combined all three activities in her activity, starting with admiring the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill near Justin Herman Plaza, doing a hybrid of leafleting Vegetarian Starter Kits and walking up Market, and appreciating glass art & free champagne at a reception at the SF Museum of Craft and Design. Says Alex, “It didn’t feel like leafleting because we were laughing so much.”

In total, “The evening cost $11.50 (dinner plus bus fare), was vastly entertaining, full of laughter, and somehow we actually handed out 250 leaflets which means there are more vegetarians today then there were yesterday.”

01/29 Adopt a College leafletting – Academy of Arts University, SF

The truth about factory farming is not one of the subject matters typically taught in colleges, or anywhere. For that reason alone, hundreds of volunteers participate in Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College program to educate students about factory farming and vegetarianism through their booklets, Why Vegan and Even If You Like Meat.

In just 30 minutes during a weekday lunch hour, 150 Why Vegan and Even If You Like Meat booklets were distributed by Tammy and Sky. When asked why she leaflets, Tammy replies “To share with others what I did not know before I became vegan. It’s really a great way to spread the veg message!”

Jack Norris, currently President of Vegan Outreach, leafleted 240 colleges from 1995-1997. He will be addressing the topic of “Veganism: Does It Spread Itself?” for February’s Compassionate Living program.

For more info or to RSVP:

01/31 Leaflet Veg Info – SF

The last event of January was a leafleting event organized by Sue. She reports:


An AWESOME time was had by all (Sandrine, Ari, Alex and me) while we leafleted away 300 Vegetarian Starter Kits in under an hour in the San Francisco financial district. People enthusiastically received the literature and the few that refused, did so politely. This is a win-win-win for the animals, the people and for us. We followed with a super time at “Varnish” happy hour ($3 pints!) and had terrific conversation with the owner, who it turns out, hosted an exhibit called “Why not eat your pet?”, a really rockin’ animal rights art show. So, we did what any good citizen would do, we leafleted her, too. Please join us next time, you won’t be sorry!!”

Stay tuned to our event calendar for upcoming events. Currently scheduled advocacy-related activities include:

02/01 Adopt a College leafletting – San Bruno
02/03 KFC Cruelty Protest – San Jose
02/03 Vegan Food Party & Vegan Career Discussion – Pacifica
02/07 New Veg*n Cooking Class: Soul Food with Chef Alex Bury – SF (Bring a non-veg for free)
02/08 Leafleting Veg Info & Lunch – SF

02/11 Vegan Food Party with Vegan Outreach’s Jack Norris – SF
02/11 Jack Norris on Veganism: Does it Spread Itself? – SF
02/13 Singles Veg Leafleting – SF
02/17 KFC Cruelty Protest – Palo Alto
02/18 KFC Cruelty Protest – SF
02/18 Sundaes and Advocacy (Letter Writing Party) – SF
02/20 Letter Writing Party – Berkeley

Alex Bury

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Alex Bury and Myshkin

Add 3 parts compassion, 1 part coffee, 2 parts advocacy, and you’ve got the recipe for an activist like Chef, PETA staffer, and BAVeg volunteer Alex Bury.

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Cooking for Carnivores

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

The joy and the hassle of feeding carnivores. Ugh. It’s important to do, because serving a great vegan meal is one of the best outreach tactics I know of. But it’s so darn hard! It’s hard because the meat-eater is bound is determined to not like what you make. If they can convince themselves that veg food is icky, then nobody will blame them for staying with their cruelty-to-animals diet.

I think the most important thing to remember in these situations is that you are NOT cooking for yourself. You can’t. You need to make and serve something that you may not find very appetizing. This is particularly important if you’ve been vegan for years, and/or if you eat a very healthy, low-fat vegan diet.

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