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Cafe Gratitude San Rafael

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Cafe Gratitude currently has 3 locations (two in SF and one in Berkeley). It’s fourth restaurant in San Rafael is scheduled to open February 12th.

Vegan Cooking and Baking Classes

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

For February, there are two classes offered. Registrations are now being accepted. Note:

Both classes are accessible by public transit. See event calendar link for full details.

What: New Veg*n Cooking Class: Soul Food Veggie Cooking: Fried “Chicken”, Black-eyed peas, Greens, Cornbread, Baked Yams.
Where: Treasure Island/SF
When: 2/7/07 Wednesday, 6:00 pm
Host: Chef Alex Bury

Cost: $10**
Full Details:
**NOTE – with each registration, you can bring a new (non-veg) person for free!

“Alex was great. The chocolate mousse was amazing. My nonveg friend liked the foods.”


What: Vegan Baking Class – Coffee Shop Dessert Series: Biscotti, Scones, and Coffee Cake
Where: SF (Sur La Table, near Union Square)
When: 2/25/07 Sunday, 1:00 pm
Host: Christine Dickson

Cost: $15
Full Details:

“After we tasted the cookies and cake at class we knew we found something special. It seems to me that you have a rare gift and I hope that you continue to experiment and find ever more wonderful desserts that vegans can enjoy and feel proud to serve their non-vegan friends.”


To register for the class, please visit

BAV News – January 2007

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

San Francisco Bay Area Events & Activities, Vegan Cooking Classes, recipes, vegan advice .. and more!

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Update: Malabar Cafe / Asia Rose – Santa Cruz

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

It now looks like both locations are now closed. Asia Rose closed in June after they lost the lease to the building. They told us they’d be moving to Front Street by the end of 2006, but it looks like it’s been delayed, and that they will be relocating the main restaurant, Malabar Cafe, there too. Quick pre-made food during the day and then fine dining during the evening. They estimate they’ll be open by the end of January.

Ask Cat: Advice, vegan-style

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Whether you’re in a quandary about being the only vegan at work, or in a pickle about what to say when handing out a “Why Vegan” booklet, or simply want to know about buying or making vegan whipped cream (sans cruelty to cows) — or anything else about vegetarianism or vegetarian living or simply a veg perspective — then Ask Cat!

Cat is the voice of our panel of experts, waiting by their Inboxes for your questions. We will answer several questions in our monthly newsletter, and we may even occasionally host a live chat session for new veg*ns. Please include at least your first name and city with your query.

Email Cat your questions today!

New Year’s Traditions

Monday, January 1st, 2007

In the South, it’s a tradition to eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good fortune. Some people believe you need to eat one bean for each day of the year, so you don’t have any bad-luck days. They used to be cooked with ham, but now that veganism is taking over the world, there are many vegan versions out there.

If you like faux meats, add vegan “ham” to your shopping list, chop it up, and throw it into the peas when they’re done cooking. If you’re eating McDougall, cook some brown rice and just eat beans, rice and collards. You can eat buckets of those three things and still lose weight and cure your heart disease.

o Black-eyed peas
o Collard Greens
o BBQ tempeh
o Cornbread

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December Outreach Roundup

Monday, January 1st, 2007

12/15 Lunchtime Advocacy – SF
12/24 Holiday Leafleting for the Animals! – SF
12/31 Make 2007 The Year of ALL Animals! Leafleting & Dinner – SF

Mix veg*n camaraderie, walking in a beautiful city, vegan food, leaflets, and holiday sparkles, and you’ve got leafleting with Alex. Leafleting was done primarily with PETA’s colorful and information-packed Vegetarian Starter Kit.

12/15 Lunchtime Advocacy – SF

Billed as an opportunity to “Practice speaking up for animals and improve your eating skills at the same time!”, Alicia, Erika, Oliver, Sandrine & Alex met at Justin Herman Plaza, and distributed 300 pieces of information while they walked to their vegan lunch destination at Kearny Street Pies.

It was a diverse mix of people, from new to the Bay Area and Bay Area Vegetarians as well as new to leafleting. We asked one of the volunteers to describe her experience leafleting. Sue writes:

“Had my first experience leafleting and I am hooked! Wow-so much better than I anticipated. Passers-by were polite and many eagerly accepted the material. What a kick it is to see people walking around reading the literature. Ok, so you’re thinking, “Yeah, but you’re only telling the good parts.” Honestly, there was only one (One! Out of hundreds?!) who made a snide comment, but it was really easy to handle-I had no idea!

I’d been hesitant to get out there because I feared confrontation. If this describes you, then fear no more my friend. Put on your best clothes, plant a big smile on your face and get out there. Just 20-30 minutes will make you feel great. It literally makes you feel like you just created more vegetarians and that a more peaceful planet will get here a little bit sooner.”

Read Alex’s full report:

12/24 Holiday Leafleting for the Animals! – SF

With the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus in concert at the Castro Theater, Ari, Lidia, Sue, Oliver and Alex distributed over 200 VSKs to a happy, holiday crowd.

A SFGMC member praised them for attending. “It was a welcome sight to see you and your gang at the intersection of 18th and Castro Streets handing out your info – I even picked one up! It’s great to be reminded that animals are ritualistically slaughtered this time of year for the sake of “celebrating” the holidays and it’s also great to be reminded that we can all make healthy, sane, and well-informed food choices. Thank you for your presence in the Castro on Christmas Eve and for the message you bring.”

Read Alex’s full report:

12/31 Make 2007 The Year of ALL Animals! Leafleting & Dinner – SF

Hailed as an opportunity to “Make 2007 The Year of ALL Animals!”, New Year’s Eve volunteers Chris, Tammy, Sue, Sandrine, Oliver, Lyman, & Alex distributed 550 VSKs, and then enjoyed a yummy dinner afterwards at Golden Era. In addition to bringing all the literature, Alex also supplied some awesome vegan XOX truffles.

Read Alex’s full report:

Thank you to Alex for organizing and to the volunteers who participated at each of these events. Over 1,000 leaflets were distributed!

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Monday, January 1st, 2007

While we don’t have salary or rent expenses, and we have volunteers that contribute their time and many talents, there are still many costs associated with managing and maintaining Bay Area Vegetarians, its programs and resources, such as the Ultimate Guide, Event Calendar, etc.

One of our primary sources of funding is donations and ad revenues. We accept ads directly, and also feature Google ads.

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