Two for One Cooking Class

New Vegetarian & Vegan Cooking Class

If you’re a new vegetarian/vegan, this is a great introductory class to learn how to eat healthy, save money, and treat yourself to delicious food!

If you’ve got non-veg family & friends, this is a perfect gift for them! It’s $10 with pre-registration, or $15 at the door. (Any net proceeds after costs to benefit Bay Area Vegetarians, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization)

If you want to promote a plant-based diet, then help us promote this class (see link below for flyers).

SPECIAL OFFER If you bring a new person (not vegetarian) to this class, you’ll both attend for the price of one!

What: New Vegetarian Cooking Class
Where: Treasure Island/SF
When: 1/13/07 Saturday, 1:00 pm

Host: Chef Alex Bury
Cost: $10 with pre-registration, or $15 at the door.

Full Details:

Chef Alex Bury was trained as a classical chef at the world’s premier culinary college, the Culinary Institute of America. In 2001, she opened the famous all-organic Sparks restaurant in Guerneville, California. Now she lives on Treasure Island and works full-time for PETA, and also teaches the art of compassionate cooking for Bay Area Vegetarians. Her free column, Heart Smart Cooking: Cooking with Compassion and Good Health, appears in the monthly newsletter

Please help us get the word out about this class !

Flyers – please print and put them up at natural food stores, community bulletin boards, anywhere potential vegetarians may see them.

We really want to have a huge crowd of non-vegetarians for this class. If you’ve got non-veg family & friends and have difficulties talking with them about the issues, bring them to this class and let Alex do the talking for you, and they’ll learn how to make some awesome vegan food, too.


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