Great Holiday Gift

Just wanted to let you know we’ve got several books freshly printed – if you have family / friends who would eat more veg foods if they knew how easy they are to find, this is the perfect gift for them! Printed in small batches so it’s always up to date from the online database, Ultimate Guide.

All proceeds benefit the education & outreach programs of our non-profit organization, Bay Area Vegetarians.

You can purchase this essential travel companion in San Francisco at Little Otsu, which has special hours this month; they are open 7 days a week. Little Otsu, 849 Valencia St, San Francisco; (415) 255-7900; very close to Herbivore and Cha Ya.

It can also be purchased online for delivery by U.S. mail; we can ship it directly to family/friends if you provide their address. Please use the link below to order online.

Vegetarian Bay Area: The Ultimate Guide

  • 88 packed pages
  • 90+ local veg and vegan restaurants
  • 70+ natural food stores
  • 200+ veg/vegan friendly restaurants
  • Quick reference San Francisco Map
  • Indexed by Location as well as Alphabetically
  • Covers the entire Bay Area and beyond
  • Recommendations – Best Places to dine
  • Tips For Ordering Vegan at Non-Veg Restaurants
  • Hours, Parking, Transit information

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