Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act could ban peaceful advocacy too

We first alerted members about The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in our September newsletter.

Current status – as of Sunday, 11/12/2006, based on an alert from PCRM

The House of Representatives is set to vote on a bill that could stop people from protesting or speaking out about cruelty to animals. While the bill takes aim against violent protests, it could also be interpreted to ban even peaceful protests, letter-writing, or leafleting that make animal abusers feel “intimidated” or “harassed.” It would even eliminate the kinds of undercover investigations that have revealed the cruelties in laboratories and farms.

H.R. 4239, misnamed the “Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act” was pushed by those who run farms, circuses, rodeos, and testing labs, and it sailed through the Senate. It is now before the House of Representatives in what is called the “suspension calendar,” a list of bills that the Representatives believe have no opposition. Learn more about the AETA.

The vote could take place as early as Monday. But we can stop this bill if you call your Representative first thing. All you have to do is to say this bill goes way too far, and that it needs to be pulled off the suspension calendar.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Call your representative direct on Monday (or use the switchboard 202-225-3121)

2) Send a follow-up e-mail.

3) Forward this information to your family and friends.

Remember, all contact info is at

The AETA has already passed in the Senate. The House of Representatives has not heard enough opposition to keep it off the calendar with bills considered uncontroversial. Unless Congressmembers hear that this bill undermines First Amendment rights, the majority may vote for passage as soon as Congress reconvenes tomorrow, Nov. 13.


For more information on AETA and the organizations opposing it, visit

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