October Vegan Moments

To spotlight some of our photogenic events this month, here’s the October review. If you host or attend a BAVEG event and have photos to share in our gallery, please let us know.

Oct 1st – World Farm Animals Day, San Mateo

Oct 7th – Grass-n-Lake Vegan Food Party at Lake Temescal, Oakland
Oct 21st – The Secrets of Vegan Baking Class, SF
Oct 28th – Veg Outreach at Sharp Park Beach, Pacifica

Oct 1st – World Farm Animals Day in San Mateo

Photo: Randy delivers the veg message with a smile

WORLD FARM ANIMALS DAY is an annual event started by the Farm Animal Reform Movement to raise awareness of the billions of animals suffering and slaughtered in the world’s factory farms. In San Mateo, Bay Area Vegetarians, in conjunction with the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA and Animal Place, hosted WFAD in San Mateo.

From non-dairy beverage taste tests to vegan versions of grilled chik’n burgers and ice cream, hundreds of people enjoyed the delicious vegan food samples from local businesses like MaggieMudd and Whole Foods.

Kim Sturla, co-founder and director of Animal Place, shared true-life “Animal Tales” of the rescue and rehabilitation of critters at her sanctuary. lauren Ornelas, who has investigated factory farms and ran successful consumer campaigns with Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, spoke about the “Power of Your Food Choices”. Chef Alex Bury did two cooking demonstrations using a breakfast and lunch theme.

Please also support the donors who so graciously supported our efforts – MaggieMudd, Garden Burger, Sun Flour Baking, Primal Strips, Trader Joe’s, Turtle Island, Whole Foods Market, and Lantern Books.[More photos]

Oct 7th – Grass-n-Lake Vegan Food Party, Lake Temescal in Oakland

Photo: Andrew & Warren enjoying food & ice cream at our Lake Temescal summer picnic

Pam hosted our last outdoor Vegan Food Party for the year, at Lake Temescal in Oakland. It was a beautiful day to share with like-minded folks and good vegan food. If you missed the October VFP, you’ll have three more opportunities in November with the trio of Thanksgiving Day VFPs. [More photos]

Oct 21st The Secrets of Vegan Baking Class in SF

Photo: Christines shares her kitchen-tested secrets of vegan baking, with assistance from Betty

In simple, easy steps, Christine showed the full class at Sur La Table in SF how to make three delicious desserts – Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Cake, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and Chocolate Peanut-Butter cups. November’s class is all about pies. [More photos]

Oct 28th – Veg Outreach at Sharp Park Beach, Pacifica

Photo: Hundreds of samples of vegan grilled chik’n burgers by Gardenburger happily sampled.

Veggie volunteers soaked up the fresh air and sunshine as they gave away fresh-cooked Gardenburger vegan chik’n burgers at Sharp Park Beach. Elizabeth and Elliot summed up the afternoon best.

From Elizabeth: “This volunteer event in Pacifica was a blast. The setting was perfect, the weather was perfect and the people & doggies absolutely loved the food. Most everyone wanted a vegetarian starter kit or a BAV card and even picnic-ers with KFC buckets came over for a sample. Tammy in a chicken costume and Elliot dressed as a cow really drove home the idea that animals were asking people to eat alternatives. The incredible Chef Alex Bury, with the equally incredible Oliver and doggy Myshkin, enticed everyone with the delicious scent coming off the grill. Chris kept the burgers coming at a perfect pace, and while the number of people wasn’t as high as you’d think for a perfect day at the beach, those we saw were too receptive not to call this a victory for the animals!”

Adds Elliot: “Direct outreach to the not-yet-vegetarian public is important in educating them on the benefits of the vegetarianism, the diet of the kind. Yet it is often hard not to get them to listen. You say “Here’s an easily followed delicious diet that will benefit your health, eliminate animal suffering, and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture,” but somehow they hear ‘Eat flavorless twig tips you murdering habitat plunderer.’ Not exactly the most productive exchange.

Fortunately, providing easily prepared veggie burger or veggie chicken samples changes the dynamic. They now hear ‘Free food!’, and (provided you’ve chosen your sample well) are pleasantly surprised on how mainstream it tastes. As Mary Poppins so correctly observed, ‘Just a bite full of mock-meat makes the diet change go down, in the most insightful way.’

Many thanks to Bay Area Vegetarians for organizing a great way to spend a day in the sun at the beach, with friends, making people happy with free food while doing some serious activism.”

[More photos]

Veg Talk: It wasn’t even Halloween, but the masked and green-caped crusader, SuperVegan, was recently spotted at Bay Area Vegetarians’ October’s KFC Cruelty protest. Who is this masked man?

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