Monthly BAVeg dinners & other activities – the future?

In an odd coincidence, August looks to be the month for deciding the fate of two of our monthly dinners, the first and the last!

Bob started BAVeg’s first monthly dinner at New World in Oakland. Today at 6 pm he is hosting the 36th dinner (details on event calendar). He’d already announced that “The New World dinners will be on hiatus after this month’s meal, with the future to be discussed and determined at a later date.”

Peggy’s monthly dinner at San Mateo’s Vegetarian Gourmet was one of the most recent dining additions on our monthly event calendar. It ended unexpectedly with this month’s dinner as the restaurant informed us that they will be closing on 9/5.

For Bay Area Veg, as with all volunteer organizations, events/activities happen around volunteer interests — so if you’ve been attending events and enjoying them, and have ideas for events/activities you’d like to see happen, AND (and that is the most important “and”) are willing to work towards making those ideas a reality (as in, organize them and make them happen), please contact us!!

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Looking forward to hearing from you!

Tammy & Chris

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