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5 stars for Vegetarian Gourmet: “I took an order of the Tofu Rolls, Curry Vegetable Chicken, Chen Pi and brown rice to a non-veg BBQ. The food was a big hit amongst the non-veg guests. They commented on how good the texture and flavor of the Chen Pi was, and they all went back for seconds, instead of eating the real meat. Remarkable!”

4 stars for Judahlicious: “They now have raw vegan soft serve and it’s amazing! You have to try it!! They use all organic fruits and veggies and have both cooked and raw options.”

5 stars for Pizza Plaza: “Definitely the best vegan pizza in the E.Bay. They really cater to vegans. He’s even made the primary menu all vegan, complete with Follow Your Heart cheeses and Yves faux meats. Oh, and they have free delivery, so all the homebodies can still patronize them.”

The Ultimate Guide is an online service listing vegetarian foods and services in the SF Bay Area. It also offers opportunities for users to rate/review them. What’s really nice is that for people who are new to vegetarianism or new to the Bay Area, when a restaurant or business has reviews, it gives additional insight and helps make better choices. If you’re a frequent patron and know what the best dishes are, this is a great way to share what they are so people trying the restaurant for the first time have a good experience and return again for more veg*n foods. After all, that’s how I found out about the awesome vegan peanut butter shakes at Saturn Cafe and that’s why I’m organizing a dinner there on Friday.

If you’d like to be an Ultimate Guide reviewer, it’s free and you can participate as your time permits. There are currently 952 reviews! You can find the most recent reviews and Top Ten (based on reviews) at:

To post a review:

1) Get a UserID on the BAVEG website.

This UserID is distinct and separate from any other userids that you may have on Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. It can reuse be the same name if you like.

a) If you already have a userid on the BAVEG website, then go to step 2

b) If you already have a userid on the BAVEG website but forgot your password, still go to step 2
c) If you don’t have a userid on the BAVEG website, then you can sign-up to get one.

Register for a userid
Hint: After you register, look for the confirmation email to activiate your registration. If you don’t get this email, please email me with your registration userid.

2) Find the restaurant you want to review in the Ultimate Guide

3) In the listing, there is a button called “review”. Select that. The next screen may ask you to log in. (This is also where you’ll have the opportunity to select the link “I forgot my password” to re-establish your ability to login)

4) Type your review, and that’s it!

TIP: When you are logged into the BAVEG website, on the Ultimate Guide page, there is an Profile Link to the right. This will show you your profile on our website, and can be used to see all the reviews you’ve ever done and provide a centralized place if you want to modify reviews for any restaurants that you’ve visited.

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