Support the KFC Cruelty Campaign!

PETA’s campaign against KFC is to improve standards for the billions of chickens that are slaughtered for human consumption.

Bay Area Veg has been organizing monthly protests at KFC since 2005. It started in the city of San Francisco, and has included monthly protests in Pacifica, Palo Alto, San Rafael, Santa Cruz and San Jose.

In the North Bay, Hannah has been the organizer for the last year. But that changed recently. “I reluctantly find myself in the position of having to step down because of some unexpected events in my life right now. I hope at some point in the future to continue again, and I still feel an extreme commitment to easing the plight of all animals, so this is a difficult decision to make.”

In San Francisco, Thea has been hosting the event since May 2005. But even with help from new co-host Andrew, sometimes a busy work schedule and vacation plans overlap. So if you can commit to regularly attending and occasionally being a backup host, even better.

The Palo Alto, Candace is organizing monthly protests on the 3rd Saturday. Under her watch, one of two stores closed. Help her protest at the remaining one! It’s on a busy intersection with excellent car traffic. See the event calendar for details.

The Pacifica location has excellent visibility to Highway 1 and always gets a lot of traffic. We need one person who is not already committed to monthly activities to organize this. Great opportunity to go for a walk near the beach afterwards.

YOUR help and support is needed to continue these protests. On behalf of the animals, we appreciate your support.

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