Veg Book Benefit is Yummy Success $617.50

Our July 9th benefit to raise funds to purchase veg books for the Pacifica libraries was a tasty success!

The Pacifica Tribune headlined our efforts with “Bay Area Vegetarians hosting renowned vegan chef at fundraising event; proceeds benefit Pacifica libraries”.

There were many good reasons to attend. Participants learned more about vegetarianism and vegetarian cooking, chef shortcuts, and, as several participants remarked, they attended to support our local library. Overall, a good day for everyone!

We would like to give veggie big thanks:

– Chef Alex Bury for her professional services in teaching the class, as well as developing the menu and recipes, shopping, and doing the prep work in advance. We could not have done the class without her!

Pacifica Farmer’s Market for donating the organic produce used in the class, which helped us keep our expenses low.

– Thom Ball and Reeba Lynn at the Pacifica Library for being supportive of vegetarianism, working with us to increase veg resources to our local community, and providing a beautiful space at the Pacifica Library for the class.

We also owe thanks to Oliver and Amy who helped us during the event, and many others who helped us spread the word about the class by posting flyers at local stores. Thank you everyone!!

We asked for a sliding scale donation of $20-$30 per adult or $10-$15 per student. Everyone donated their time and labor, and after some expenses for food and supplies, we raised $617.50 for the Pacifica libraries — that’s gonna buy a lot of veg cookbooks and animal rights books!

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