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Cooking Without Cooking

Monday, July 31st, 2006

It’s miserably hot in most of the Bay Area right now—even San Francisco was uncomfortable yesterday. Thank Dog for perpetually cool and windy Treasure Island.

Lots of “no cook” summer recipes actually do involve cooking, for instance, a cold pasta salad means cooking the pasta first. What’s up with that?

So here are some true no-cook recipes and tips on eating well in the hot weather.

– Bean Salad
– Black Bean and Corn Salad
– Hummus
– Garden Salad with Beet and Mustard Dressing

These are filling, nutrition recipes—good for your daily work lunches, or for that weekend BBQ party. The list is also an accidental Ode to the Canned Bean. Beans are good. Beans are great. Beans are cheap, filling, super nutritious, and a perfect weight-loss food.

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Gabe Quash

Monday, July 31st, 2006

Gabe Quash

From watching TV to creating TV, learn how and why Gabe Quash helps the animals.

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BAVeg Wins VegWebby Award

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

VegWebby Award WinnerBay Area Vegetarians voted Best Local Veg Group in the first annual VegWebby Awards!

Vegan Redwoods Retreat – Gourmet Camping!

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, hike under beautiful redwoods, learn more about vegan cooking, and share a leisurely weekend with like-minded folks.

I’d personally like to especially encourage folks who are new or aspiring vegans or activists to join us, as promoting veganism and promoting vegan advocacy underlies all of the events and activities that BAVEG volunteers organize.

Here’s some photos from past trips to Butano:

Please see event calendar for more info.

New Whole Foods Market in Mountain View – Opening August

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

Opening in August, a new 55,000 sq foot Whole Foods Market on El Camino (and Showers) in Mountain View. To put its size into prespective, it’s about 3 times the size of the one in downtown Palo Alto.

Good Karma’s new address

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

Good Karma has moved into their new location and is open for business. Space is much bigger and also planned is an expanded menu for near future. It’s not too far from the old location and still close to San Jose State.

They’re now on 37 S. 1st Street (near Santa Clara)

Veg Book Benefit is Yummy Success $617.50

Saturday, July 15th, 2006

Our July 9th benefit to raise funds to purchase veg books for the Pacifica libraries was a tasty success!

The Pacifica Tribune headlined our efforts with “Bay Area Vegetarians hosting renowned vegan chef at fundraising event; proceeds benefit Pacifica libraries”.

There were many good reasons to attend. Participants learned more about vegetarianism and vegetarian cooking, chef shortcuts, and, as several participants remarked, they attended to support our local library. Overall, a good day for everyone!

We would like to give veggie big thanks:

– Chef Alex Bury for her professional services in teaching the class, as well as developing the menu and recipes, shopping, and doing the prep work in advance. We could not have done the class without her!

Pacifica Farmer’s Market for donating the organic produce used in the class, which helped us keep our expenses low.

– Thom Ball and Reeba Lynn at the Pacifica Library for being supportive of vegetarianism, working with us to increase veg resources to our local community, and providing a beautiful space at the Pacifica Library for the class.

We also owe thanks to Oliver and Amy who helped us during the event, and many others who helped us spread the word about the class by posting flyers at local stores. Thank you everyone!!

We asked for a sliding scale donation of $20-$30 per adult or $10-$15 per student. Everyone donated their time and labor, and after some expenses for food and supplies, we raised $617.50 for the Pacifica libraries — that’s gonna buy a lot of veg cookbooks and animal rights books!

More Cooking Classes

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

We’ve added a few more people offering veggie cooking classes and catering to the Services category.

Tell them BAVeg sent you :)

Vegan Cooking and Nutrition with Radha Vignola, MA & CNC – Santa Cruz

Cooking Classes – Currysutra – Belmont

Hannah’s Edible Art – San Rafael

Golden Era 2 (San Francisco/Richmond District) – Opens over holiday weekend

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Golden Era 2 in the San Francisco Richmond District opened over holiday weekend.

Sister restaurant to Golden Era in the Tenderloin and Golden Lotus in Oakland. Exact same menu as the original Golden Era, but the space is much smaller. Appetizers, soups, entrees galore. Many dishes have faux meats, but can also find tofu & veggie selections too. Try the Carmelized Chicken or the Teriyaki Salmon. Nearly everything is vegan except for a couple of drinks and the flan. Vegan cake from Black China Bakery available for dessert.

July BAVEG News mailing

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

After several technical difficulties, the July BAVEG news has been sent to everyone. Some individuals may have received duplicate emails. Our apologies, as this was unavoidable. We appreciate your patience as we worked to resolve those issues.

We have had a spurt of new memberships after outreach at Haight Street Fair and SF Pride. A warm welcome to all of our new members. Our membership now totals over 2800 individuals.

For all members:

If you did not receive your copy, please double-check your bulk folder or check your email filter settings.

Otherwise, please contact us via email and we can confirm that your subscription request was successfully processed.

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