Veg Outreach at SF Pride

Thanks to the wonderful plant-powered crew who volunteered at our Veg Education & Outreach booth at the two-day SF Pride Celebration in San Francisco this past weekend, our booth was a huge success.

Hungry for veg info, people crowded our booth, and learned about vegetarianism, vegan cooking, and factory farming. Tens of thousands learned that chickens are debeaked and intensively confined in cages to produce eggs.

Long hours of preparation, planning, and twelve-hour days are all worthwhile when people visit our booth and tell us that information we shared with them was instrumental in their decision to go vegetarian or vegan.

A veggie big thanks to our plant-powered volunteer crew!

On Saturday: George, Peggy, Dana, Tammy and Chris staffed the table while Kansinee leafleted the crowd.

On Sunday, George, Thea, Warren, Candace, Tammy and Chris staffed the table while Suzanne and Andrew helped with tabling & leafleting; Ari, Ron, Nick, Kansinee, Gabe, Blue, and Ananda focused on leafleting (with amazing results).

Leafleting gives us the opportunity to present information to people who otherwise may not receive it. On Saturday, Kansinee distributed approx. 300 Even If You Like Meat leaflets; on Sunday, they distributed over 3,500 Why Vegan, Even If You Like Meat, and Try Vegetarian booklets, and a smaller number of other leaflets.

And, this is all possible due to the donors who responded specifically to our appeal for funds for outreach events like Haight Street Fair and Pride.

In particular, to Chuck Barritt for leading our fundraising effort by matching $500 in donations.

To Sun Flour Baking who, for the 4th year, makes Pride a sweet success by donating vegan cookie samples.

To Vegan Outreach, PCRM, PETA, Compassion over Killing, United Poultry Concerns, HSUS, and Farm Sanctuary for providing literature and other materials.

To our volunteers, our financial supporters, our non-profit partners — thank you for helping us promote vegetarianism!

Click here to see photos of Bay Area Veg at SF Pride

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