Donations Needed – VEG Pride 2006

Bay Area Vegetarians is getting ready to raise public awareness about the cruelty in factory farming and promote a compassionate and cruelty-free vegetarian lifestyle at upcoming street fairs this summer and fall.

Our big events start in June, with the Haight Street Fair and SF Pride.

In particular, SF Pride is a very expensive event for us to participate in, costing approx. $700 for two days of outreach. But it’s extremely effective as we reach an audience from all over the Bay Area, and around the world. From Albany to Arizona to Australia, they’ve visited our booth and received information to start a more compassionate & cruelty-free veg*n lifestyle.

If you support vegetarianism, if you support raising awareness of the cruelties of factory farming, if you support our efforts to build and promote the vegetarian and animal rights community, now is the time to give generously to Bay Area Vegetarians.

We need to be able to afford to attend and participate in events like Haight Street Fair, SF Pride, and other upcoming outreach events this summer and fall. All donations, both small and large, are gratefully appreciated. We will acknowledge all gifts on our website at

Bay Area Vegetarians is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and your donation is tax-deductble. We are staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. We have no rent or other overhead, so donations go directly to our outreach and education programs. As a free membership organization, we do not have any reliable source of income.

To donate, please send a check payable to Bay Area Vegetarians, P.O. Box 371215, Montara, CA 94037. We can also accept payments via debit and credit cards. Please see our webite for details –

If you have skills and/or interests in fundraising, please contact us. If you’re interested in volunteering and tabling/leafleting with us, please join our team-baveg volunteer list ( ) and/or watch our news blog for updates.

Thanks for your support, and for everything that you do to promote vegetarianism and help animals.


Tammy & Chris , co-founders
Bay Area Vegetarians
P.O. Box 371215, Montara, CA 94037



  1. Chuck Barritt [Visitor] says:

    Hi Bay Area Veggies… yes this is the most visible event of the year. I’m pledging a donation of $500 to cover the booth. Let’s all make sure this year everyone hears the GoVEG message!

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