Vegan Cooking Class in Sausalito

On Wednesday evening, May 17th, Bay Area Vegetarians will be hosting a vegan cooking class in Sausalito. The class will be taught by Chef Alex Bury, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Many of you have enjoyed Alex’s culinary skills from the Sparks restaurant she owned/ran in Guerneville. Alex now works full-time for PETA, part-time as a cooking instructor for the McDougall Program, and writes the regular “Heart Smart Cooking” column for Bay Area Vegetarians.

This is your opportunity to learn from a professional chef, at a fraction of what a cooking class usually costs. This class will be geared towards non-vegetarian teenagers, with a focus on familiar comfort foods, particularly easy and inexpensive foods that teens can make for themselves. There will be samples and recipe handouts provided. Also included will be information about veg options at fast food restaurants teens frequent now.

All participants will be entered into a giveaway for a “No Animals in Here” lunch bag donated by PETA. This is a great place for veggie food to-go!

Date: May 17
Location: Manzanita Recreation Center, Sausalito

Time: 6:30 to 7:30, with plenty of time afterwards for questions and tasting
Cost: Sliding scale** $5-$20+/per person (advance registration preferred)

Event Details /Registration :

While this class is designed for the neighborhood Marin City community center, specifically the teens who frequent the recreation center, folks of all ages who enjoy veggie food are welcome to attend.

**Note: This class is offered on a sliding scale to make it accessible to everyone. If you can afford to pay more than the minimum, please do so to help make this information accessible to others who are less fortunate. Donations over cost of class are tax-deductible, and if there are any net proceeds, they will benefit Bay Area Vegetarians (a nonprofit 501(c)(3)) and their continued outreach/education in promoting vegetarianism in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thanks for your interest and support in promoting vegetarianism in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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