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Asiana Garden – Berkeley

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Relatively new Vietnamese restaurant on Euclid Ave in Berkeley. Lots of fake meats. Not clear if the fake meats are vegan or not.

Big Lantern Dim Sum

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

Large veg selection including several incredibly yummy mock meat dishes, and numerous veg dim sum selections. May want to check how vegan some of the options are. Free local delivery for a large area (Castro, Haight, Noe, and the Mission.)

Donate Now & Get it Matched!

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

Dear friends,

Especially in the summer & fall, we are busy with outreach & education, including tabling at many street fairs & community events, as many as we can, depending on volunteers and funding.

A few days ago we sent out a plea to help raise $700 to continue our outreach & education efforts to raise awareness of the cruelty of factory farming, and to promote a compassionate veg*n diet at SF PRIDE. We had a very generous offer to help us raise $500 by matching donations dollar for dollar, so we are expanding this fundraising effort to include Pride and as many street fairs and community events that we can.

So, for those who have not yet contributed, donate now and get your donation matched! Chuck Barritt of Cupertino has generously pledged to match all donations up to $500! Thank you Chuck!! Chuck shared why he is supporting Bay Area Vegetarians.

“I know how important being a vegan is to my life. How food choices impact the animals, the Earth, and our health. After more than 10yrs as a vegan, and even more as a vegetarian, the benefits seem obvious. But it’s important to take a step back and try to remember what started me on this path. Maybe it was that volunteer from a PETA booth in 1990, or reading “Diet for a New America,” or an old friend who had that strange diet.

I’m donating $500 for the Gay Pride festival because it’s a unique venue to reach out to thousands of people who might never hear our message. It’s easy to talk with people walking into WholeFoods, or those attending EarthDay or Green events. Those people are open a bit more open to the veggie message. However an event like “Gay Pride” has thousands of meat eaters that aren’t thinking about our issues. These meat eaters might stop to ask: Why go Veggie? What about my health? What happens to the animals? How does food impact the environment? All questions we can answer, face-to-face, in an open, supportive, non-judgmental way. I challenge everyone to either donate time or money to keep these types of events going.

Let’s grow our community and share what we’ve learned.”

So let’s grab this $500 match! All funds will go directly towards outreach and education efforts to promote vegetarianism and raise awareness about factory farming. To donate, please send a check payable to Bay Area Vegetarians, P.O. Box 371215, Montara, CA 94037. Please mark it “match”. And, if possible, please provide your email address so we can thank you via email, which helps minimize our postage and stationary costs.

We can also accept payments via debit and credit cards on our website,

We will be updating the website to include donations received and show the matching status.

Thank you to the folks who have also been sending kind words about BAVeg, and suggestions and ideas for future events & activities. We enjoy hearing from you, as Bay Area Vegetarians truly is a member driven organization. After all, with free membership, and no real source of reliable funding, it’s your generosity and the volunteer support of members that keeps us going.

Tammy & Chris, co-founders
Bay Area Vegetarians
P.O. Box 371215
Montara, CA 94037-1215
415-57-VEG-57 (578-3457)

Mendocino Additions

Thursday, May 18th, 2006

Cafe Beaujolais & The Corners of the Mouth Natural Foods – Mendocino

Cafe Ethiopia – San Francisco

Thursday, May 18th, 2006

Cafe Ethiopia – San Francisco. Close to Herbivores and Cha-Ya on Valencia. Extensive vegetarian menu.

Volunteer: World Farm Animals Day, Oct 1st

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

We need your help to plan a World Farm Animal Day event to be held Sunday, October 1st in San Mateo. This will be a half day event, from 11 am to 3 pm

Volunteers are needed now to help plan and organize. Volunteer opportunities include:

1) Soliciting vegan food donations to giveaway
2) Developing informational/educational displays/activities — interactive ones geared towards youth welcome
3) Organizing volunteers for the day of the event
4) Event advertising/promotion

If you can help organize, please email Tammy with your name, what you’re interested in, and your contact information. Previous experience is not necessary, however a desire to raise awareness of factory farming and promoting veganism is. Looking for reliable, prompt, and enthusiastic planning volunteers!

Additionally, if you have an idea for an activity, a speaker proposal, donation question, etc. please contact Tammy directly.

Bay Area Vegetarians is sponsoring this event with the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA. The event will be held at the PHS/SPCA’s location in San Mateo.

On Sunday, October 1st, let’s raise awareness and widen the public’s circle of compassion to include farmed animals, too!

Bay Area Vegetarians
P.O. Box 371215
Montara, CA 94037-1215
415-57-VEG-57 (578-3457)

This Weeks Updates

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Bunch of new additions and updates to the guide this week.

Otsu is dead, long live Little Otsu Publishing.

Mat Thomas – vegan writer/editor.

Thai Corner (Oakland) – New Thai restaurant in Oakland with an extensive vegan menu.

Di Lac Cuisine (Milpitas) – sister restaurant to the well established Di Lac in San Jose.

We also added in all the Trader Joe’s I could find. Been meaning to do this for a while, but the list was very long.

Donations Needed – VEG Pride 2006

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Bay Area Vegetarians is getting ready to raise public awareness about the cruelty in factory farming and promote a compassionate and cruelty-free vegetarian lifestyle at upcoming street fairs this summer and fall.

Our big events start in June, with the Haight Street Fair and SF Pride.

In particular, SF Pride is a very expensive event for us to participate in, costing approx. $700 for two days of outreach. But it’s extremely effective as we reach an audience from all over the Bay Area, and around the world. From Albany to Arizona to Australia, they’ve visited our booth and received information to start a more compassionate & cruelty-free veg*n lifestyle.

If you support vegetarianism, if you support raising awareness of the cruelties of factory farming, if you support our efforts to build and promote the vegetarian and animal rights community, now is the time to give generously to Bay Area Vegetarians.

We need to be able to afford to attend and participate in events like Haight Street Fair, SF Pride, and other upcoming outreach events this summer and fall. All donations, both small and large, are gratefully appreciated. We will acknowledge all gifts on our website at

Bay Area Vegetarians is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and your donation is tax-deductble. We are staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. We have no rent or other overhead, so donations go directly to our outreach and education programs. As a free membership organization, we do not have any reliable source of income.

To donate, please send a check payable to Bay Area Vegetarians, P.O. Box 371215, Montara, CA 94037. We can also accept payments via debit and credit cards. Please see our webite for details –

If you have skills and/or interests in fundraising, please contact us. If you’re interested in volunteering and tabling/leafleting with us, please join our team-baveg volunteer list ( ) and/or watch our news blog for updates.

Thanks for your support, and for everything that you do to promote vegetarianism and help animals.


Tammy & Chris , co-founders
Bay Area Vegetarians
P.O. Box 371215, Montara, CA 94037


Vegan Cooking Class in Sausalito

Friday, May 5th, 2006

On Wednesday evening, May 17th, Bay Area Vegetarians will be hosting a vegan cooking class in Sausalito. The class will be taught by Chef Alex Bury, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Many of you have enjoyed Alex’s culinary skills from the Sparks restaurant she owned/ran in Guerneville. Alex now works full-time for PETA, part-time as a cooking instructor for the McDougall Program, and writes the regular “Heart Smart Cooking” column for Bay Area Vegetarians.

This is your opportunity to learn from a professional chef, at a fraction of what a cooking class usually costs. This class will be geared towards non-vegetarian teenagers, with a focus on familiar comfort foods, particularly easy and inexpensive foods that teens can make for themselves. There will be samples and recipe handouts provided. Also included will be information about veg options at fast food restaurants teens frequent now.

All participants will be entered into a giveaway for a “No Animals in Here” lunch bag donated by PETA. This is a great place for veggie food to-go!

Date: May 17
Location: Manzanita Recreation Center, Sausalito

Time: 6:30 to 7:30, with plenty of time afterwards for questions and tasting
Cost: Sliding scale** $5-$20+/per person (advance registration preferred)

Event Details /Registration :

While this class is designed for the neighborhood Marin City community center, specifically the teens who frequent the recreation center, folks of all ages who enjoy veggie food are welcome to attend.

**Note: This class is offered on a sliding scale to make it accessible to everyone. If you can afford to pay more than the minimum, please do so to help make this information accessible to others who are less fortunate. Donations over cost of class are tax-deductible, and if there are any net proceeds, they will benefit Bay Area Vegetarians (a nonprofit 501(c)(3)) and their continued outreach/education in promoting vegetarianism in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thanks for your interest and support in promoting vegetarianism in the San Francisco Bay Area!

BAV News – May 2006

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

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