Animal Place tour and Vegan Food Party

Bay Area Vegetarians is organizing a special day trip in the country to meet those lucky animals who call Animal Place home. You will meet some fascinating creatures that really do love visitors of the two-legged variety. Howie, the cow, will demand attention. The turkey clan will greet you enthusiastically. And, Susie the pig, really wants a belly rub. Each comes with a story that will touch your heart and deepen your appreciation for all life. End the tour with a Vegan Food Party (aka potluck).

This is our second year with this very special tour. We’ll get a chance to meet the critters and feed them, and then feed ourselves after with a Vegan Food Party (aka potluck) at Animal Place immediately after our tour.

The tour costs $10 per person, and all proceeds benefit Animal Place.

Our tour this year was originally scheduled and sold out for April 15th. But due to record rain levels in March and April, the tour was postponed due to excessively muddy conditions at Animal Place. Staff were wearing knee high mud boots!

Our new tour date is Saturday, May 27th. Priority registration for the new date is given to individuals who had confirmed space on the first trip. On Tuesday, any available spaces will be made available.

For more information, please see the BAVeg Event Calendar at

If you can’t make this special tour with BAVeg, Animal Place offers other farm tours & events throughout the summer. Visit their website at for further details.

Louise and Joy

Peggy Sue, Eve, Louise and Joy are among the critters that call Animal Place home. Photos courtesy of Animal Place.

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