Veg & Vegan, Activists & Non-Activists

Regarding some recent posts on our SFBAVEG mailing list:

To some it is a limitation, to others it is a wonderful feature, to have a mailing list like SFBAVEG where topics about vegetarianism, animal rights, and advocacy are co-mingled.

In our minds, when we created the list, we wanted to have this sharing of ideas and energy. For the most part, we think it works well. We wanted to comment because we recently received an email from someone who no longer found the list useful, because of all the animal rights content. Yet, at the same time, this individual never or rarely posted, in over two years. Conversely, we’ve also had individuals tell us that there’s too much non-AR email. And we also get people asking us to have events at specific restaurants, or encouraging us to do different projects. Usually these requests are not accompanied by offers to help.

While vegetarians most likely outnumber vegans, and non-activists outnumber activists, it is the vegans and the activists who tend to be more outspoken or passionate about a topic leading to discussions or specific events happening for Bay Area Vegetarians and this mailing list, SFBAVEG.

So, if what’s being discussed or the events that are happening don’t appeal to you, you’re probably not alone. More than likely, someone else is also wanting for someone to start discussing a veg or AR topic that interests them, or plan a specific activity. So be that person – it’s easier than you think, and along the way you will meet some interesting and new friends.

Bay Area Vegetarians is always looking for like-minded volunteers to organize events and activities aligned with our organization’s goals. And, we always invite both individuals and other organizations to post information about their veg/AR events & activities to SFBAVEG. So, either way, whether it’s a BAV event or not, it’s very much appreciated and welcome as a contribution to the rich diversity of veg*n living here in the SF Bay Area.

We will each get out of this organization and community what we put into it: communication, creativity, compassion, and, our personal hope, community.

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